Suzuki boulevard f1 code

What does f1 mean on a Suzuki motorcycle?

#2 • Oct 1, 2009. The red light is also known as the idiot light. It warns idiots to turn thier bike off when it is flashing so they do not do damage to the bike . The FI means there is a fault and you need to put the bike in dealer mode to pull the code.

What does the FI light mean on a motorcycle?

ignition/starter motor operation. Dealer Mode 1. The FI indicator light (LED) emits service code(s) to show. the problem(s) which the DFI system and ignition system. has at the moment of diagnosis.

How fast is the Suzuki Boulevard m109r?

110 mph

What CC is a Suzuki Boulevard?

805 cc

What does f1 mean on Hayabusa?

Fuel injection

How do you clear f1 code on GSXR?

Registered. The FI warning should reset when the ignition is turned off. You can only retrieve the code while the FI warning is showing i.e. see FI , do NOT turn bike off, jump the correct pins and you will get the code .

What does Fl mean on a motorcycle?

Fuel Injection light

Why is my fi light on Suzuki GSXR?

That light is for notifying you of a problem with the temp, FI system, systems check failure & oil pressure. prolly just a loose connection somewhere.

Is Suzuki Boulevard m109r boss?

Like a B.O.S.S. The Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S. flaunts a bodybuilder muscle in the form of its 109ci (1,783cc) V-twin and houses some of the industry’s largest-diameter pistons (112mm bore).

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What is the top speed of a Suzuki Boulevard c50?

around 90mph

How much does a Suzuki m109 weigh?

707 lbs

Is Suzuki Boulevard c50 a good bike?

The Suzuki Boulevard C50 is a serious motorcycle, ideal for commuting to work and short trips. This bike sits very well under the 1000cc mark with a powerful 805cc 45-degree V-twin engine. The Suzuki Boulevard C50 is also an awesome city bike with low consumption.

How much is a 2020 Suzuki Boulevard?

The big , beefy 1,783cc Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S. rolls into 2020 at an MSRP of $15,199—and still bearing some of the biggest pistons in the industry.

Are Suzuki motorcycles good?

The Suzuki motorcycle parts and performance are simply favored by many riders. While best known for its speed, it is a bike that is also known for its amazing performance. It is comfortable, reliable, and does not make too much noise, which is perfect those who simply prefer riding something that is a bit quieter.