Gsxr 600 f1 fault code

What does f1 mean on a GSXR?

It warns idiots to turn thier bike off when it is flashing so they do not do damage to the bike. The FI means there is a fault and you need to put the bike in dealer mode to pull the code.

How do you clear f1 code on GSXR?

Registered. The FI warning should reset when the ignition is turned off. You can only retrieve the code while the FI warning is showing i.e. see FI , do NOT turn bike off, jump the correct pins and you will get the code .

Can a GSXR 600 be restricted?

You can , at 92hp it’s right on the limit. It’s really complicated. Technically they take the manufacturers claimed horsepower, which with the gixxer is over 100, which is obviously BS. However, you CAN legally restrict it IF the insurer accepts.

Are GSXR 600 reliable?

Reliability & build quality Essentially the GSX-R600 is very reliable , but the gearbox loses its slickness after two or more years.

What does fi light mean on motorcycle?

fuel injection

Can I go straight to an a2 license?

Theory and two-part practical now gains you an A licence via direct access. If you have an A2 licence and are over 24 or have held the A2 for two years you can take the practical test and also ride anything you like. If you have an A1 you can go straight to an A unrestricted licence if you’re over 24.

Can I ride an r6 on a2?

Is it possible to restrict an R6 to around 34 hp? There probably is a way, but it won’t be legal to ride on an A2 . For the A2 license you can ‘t just restrict any bike down to the power limit. The bike cannot have more than twice the power limit before restriction/you can ‘t restrict more than half the power.

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What is the fastest a2 bike?

Honda CBR500R The CBR500R is spot-on when it comes to power – 47bhp – and although a tad porky at 194kg it’s one of the few fully-faired, sports-style options that A2 riders have when buying brand new.

What BHP is a GSXR 600?

125 bhp

How long is a GSXR 750?

Suzuki GSX-R750 Specifications

Engine & Drivetrain:
Overall Length : 79.9 in (2,030 mm)
Overall Width: 28.0 in (710 mm)
Wheelbase: 54.7 in (1,390 mm)
Ground Clearance: 5.1 in (130 mm)