Fallkniven f1 pro review

Are fallkniven knives any good?

Because of the perfect use of materials it is also one of the most sustainable knives . If you are looking for a comfortable and sustainable bushcraft knife which will feel at home anywhere in the world you cannot go wrong with the Fällkniven F1 Pro. Granted: it isn’t the cheapest bushcraft knife on the market.

Where are fallkniven knives made?

Headquartered in Boden, Sweden, Fällkniven is perhaps best known as a supplier of military and outdoor knives for the Swedish military. Their F1 model has been the official survival knife of the Swedish Air Force since 1995. All of their knives are currently manufactured in Seki, City Japan.

What is CoS steel?

CoS : A newly developed high alloy cobalt-special steel . VG10: A well known high alloy molybdenum/cobalt steel .

What is 3g steel?

3G Laminate Powder Steel is a laminated steel made up of 3G core and VG2 outer layers. … It’s generally agreed that it has a better edge retention than the already exceptional VG10 (up to three times in fact), and it is also slightly more corrosion resistant and sharp, but it is an advanced steel for advanced users.

What does fallkniven mean?

the folding knife

What is cobalt special steel?

Cobalt Special is a steel we highly recommend with assurance that this super excellent stainless cutlery steel , which means fulfills all the prerequisite conditions of the corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, grindability, and workability by the refinement of primary carbides.