F1 priority date

When my priority date will be current?

This is referred to as the priority date being ” current .” The priority date is current if there is no backlog in the category. If you have a current priority date , your immigrant visa number is immediately available, and you may apply for permanent residence or adjustment of status.

What is priority date in NVC?

United States law limits the number of immigrant visa numbers available each year in certain visa categories. This means that even if USCIS approves an immigrant visa petition for you, you may not get an immigrant visa number immediately. The date your petition was filed is called your priority date .

What is current priority date for eb1 India?

July 2020 Visa Bulletin: Modest Advancement for Most Employment-based Categories, Significant EB-1 India Movement, EB-5 India to Become Current . EB-1 China will advance by one week to August 22, 2017, while EB-1 India will advance by 11 months to May 8, 2017.

Can I use spouse priority date?

No, unfortunately no you cannot port the date of your spouse’s I-140 petition; the only porting allowed is cross country chargeability that’s allowed between spouses if she was born in another country. If she was born in another country (where the date is current), you can use this date .

How long for interview after priority date is current?

Our experience suggests that very often an I-485 application will be adjudicated (approved) or issued a request for evidence (if required) within two to four weeks after its priority date being current.

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What is the difference between priority date and filing date?

The filing date is the date when a patent application is first filed at a patent office. The priority date , sometimes called the “effective filing date ”, is the date used to establish the novelty and/or obviousness of a particular invention relative to other art.

Is NVC scheduling interviews 2020?

NVC schedules appointments one month in advance. The U.S. Embassy/Consulate General tells us on which dates they are holding interviews , and NVC fills these appointments with cases in the order they become documentarily complete.

How long does it take for NVC to send interview letter?

about four to eight weeks

What happens after NVC interview?

At the end of your immigrant visa interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate, the consular officer will inform you whether your visa application is approved or denied. Visa approval – When approved, you will be informed how and when your passport and visa will be returned to you.

Why is eb1 backlogged?

The main culprit for such a lengthy backlog in the EB-1 category appears to be higher than usual demand in the employment-based fourth and fifth preference categories (EB-4 and EB-5).

Will eb2 India move forward in 2020?

My opinion is that the dates for India EB2 and EB3 Final Action will keep moving forward from Dec 2020 visa bulletin to Sep 2021 due to the spillover from family-based green cards by about 1-3 months at a time. This article will discuss: India Green Card backlog Survey.

Why is f4 visa so slow?

F4 has quota with limited numbers. More citizens sponsoring their siblings then the longer the wait time is. India, China, Mexico, the Philippines and Vietnam have higher waiting times due to more are sponsored by their US CITIZEN siblings. This is category should be abolished and replaced with MERITS based system.

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When children can immigrate to the US with their parents as derivatives?

Children can immigrate at the same time as a parent if they are eligible for an immigrant visa, either as a: Derivative beneficiary when the parent is the lead beneficiary; When the child is the lead beneficiary in his or her own right and the petition was filed directly for the child .

What is the waiting time for f4 visa?

F4 Visa Processing Time Since the number of F4 visas that are issued every year is limited, the processing time is generally long. It could take anywhere between 1 and 10 years to get your visa processed.

What is final action date?

What are “ Final Action Dates ” in Visa Bulletin? The “ final action dates ” or “application final action dates ” are the dates when the actual green card numbers are available for that category & country of birth, so that the final green Cards or immigrant visas can be issued.