2006 gsxr 600 f1 code

What does f1 mean on a GSXR?

It warns idiots to turn thier bike off when it is flashing so they do not do damage to the bike. The FI means there is a fault and you need to put the bike in dealer mode to pull the code.

How do you clear f1 code on GSXR?

Registered. The FI warning should reset when the ignition is turned off. You can only retrieve the code while the FI warning is showing i.e. see FI , do NOT turn bike off, jump the correct pins and you will get the code .

How much is a 2006 GSXR 600 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $8,799 $4,485
Options (Add)
Total Price $8,799 $4,485

Is GSXR 600 good for beginner?

No, really, 600 supersport is NEVER a good beginner bike. If you want the sporty looks with a friendly approach get a twin up to 650 CC, Ninja 650 for example.

What does fi light mean on motorcycle?

fuel injection

How much is a 2006 GSXR 1000 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $10,999 $4,765
Options (Add)
Total Price $10,999 $4,765

How fast can a GSXR 600 go?

around 155 mph

How much horsepower does a 2006 GSXR 600 have?


1997–2000 2006
Engine 600 cc (37 cu in)
Bore × stroke 65.5 mm × 44.5 mm (2.58 in × 1.75 in) 67.0 mm × 42.5 mm (2.64 in × 1.67 in)
Compression ratio 12.0:1 12.5:1
Power (rear wheel) 91.4–93.1 hp (68.2–69.4 kW) 79.11 kW (106.09 bhp) @ 13,330 rpm
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What’s better r6 or GSXR 600?

The R6 has a better chassis, better brakes, and a stronger motor. The GSXR does everything well but doesn’t do anything great. For the street it doesn’t matter, buy whichever you like. For the track the R6 is the way to go.

Are GSXR 600 reliable?

Reliability & build quality Essentially the GSX-R600 is very reliable , but the gearbox loses its slickness after two or more years.

Should you start on a 600cc bike?

Starting with a 600cc motorcycle is definitely not recommended, as long as your able to control the motorcycle and not the other way around your good to go.