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2007 Formula 1 World Championship

2007 - Raikkonen Finally Gets His Championship

The 2007 Season was a season of many changes, particularly for the Drivers at the sharp end. McLaren saw the departure of Kimi Raikkonen to Ferrari and the arrival of Fernando Alonso from Renault. Newbie Lewis Hamilton would partner the Spaniard at McLaren, while Massa remained at Ferrari to partner Raikkonen. It also marked a return of McLaren to winning ways and the decline of Renault who had dominated the sport for the past two years.

Driver Line-Up

2007 also marked the first season since 1991 that Michael Schumacher had not competed in the sport. Thus many people moved to label this year as the “post-Schumacher Age”. But also several new drivers appeared this season, not only Hamilton, but also Heikki Kovalainen and later on in the season young Sebastian Vettel would debut at the US GP. However 2007 is best remembered for the Spygate scandal between McLaren & Ferrari, as well as the colossal fall out between Alonso & Hamilton. Such hatred between drivers had not been seen since the days of Senna & Prost!


In the end 2007 boiled down to a mammoth title fight between Ferrari & McLaren, who between them carved up every pole position and every race victory. But it was the outsider, Kimi Raikkonen, the man who had missed out twice before on the title, but came through in 2007 to claim the Driver’s Crown in style at the title decider in Brazil. Stealing it right from under the McLaren boy’s noses. McLaren due to their involvement in the Spygate were stripped of their Constructor’s points and thus this gifted Ferrari a clean sweep.

Season Stories

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Circuit de Valencia - © 8000vueltas

Circuit de Valencia © 8000vueltas

Position Driver Team Time
1 K Raikkonen Ferrari 1:28:15.270
2 F Massa Ferrari +1.4 secs
3 F Alonso McLaren +57.0 secs
4 N Rosberg Williams +62.8 secs
5 R Kubica BMW Sauber +70.9 secs
6 N Heidfeld BMW Sauber +71.3 secs
7 L Hamilton McLaren +1 Lap
8 J Trulli Toyota +1 Lap
9 D Coulthard Red Bull +1 Lap
10 K Nakajima Williams +1 Lap