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  • Podcast launched! - Episode 1 - The Pilot - New teams, testing and predictions

    After much deliberation, many failed recordings, a false start and much swearing (at Garageband and iTunes), we're happy (and relieved) to post our first F1-Fans Podcast.

    Lloyd, Jon and me waffle on (sometimes amusingly - so we're told) about testing, the new F1 teams, that German bloke, and our 2010 and Bahrain predictions.

    Remember we're having a laugh with the "Banter Wars" posts and tweets, where Jon supports Virgin, Lloyd - Campos, me - Lotus. Unsurprisingly that spills over into this episode - although we do our level best not to explain it - and no doubt will again in future 'casts.

    Speaking of which, we're planning on releasing a new episode every few weeks when something half interesting happens in F1, so be sure to subscribe to us in iTunes (opens iTunes), on the Podcast Feed (RSS) or just keep an eye on the site :)

    Direct link to the MP3 (17Mb)

    Thanks for listening, we hope you liked it. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments :)

    Until next time...

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  • Jon Bellwood's avatar
    Jon Bellwood
    1:09pm Thu, 25th February 2010

    Working on the Danica article today; it won't be as chauvinistic as my podcast comments I promise :P