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  • Episode 2 - I'd even support Red Bull if they were HRT

    After seven rounds of the 2010 F1 season we thought it about time we put on our podcasting socks and give the whole audio thing another bash. Unfortunately Jon couldn't be with us today - he's in Vietnam(!) - but Lloyd and I hooked up the Skype machine and tried to cobble a few sentences together. We discuss our opinions on the whole Red Bull shenanigans, mull over... read more

  • Podcast launched! - Episode 1 - The Pilot - New teams, testing and predictions

    After much deliberation, many failed recordings, a false start and much swearing (at Garageband and iTunes), we're happy (and relieved) to post our first F1-Fans Podcast. Lloyd, Jon and me waffle on (sometimes amusingly - so we're told) about testing, the new F1 teams, that German bloke, and our 2010 and Bahrain predictions. Remember we're having a laugh with the "Banter Wars" posts and tweets,... read more

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