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  • Horner Looks To Confirm Vettel For Next Year

    Christian Horner has confirmed and welcomed Sebastian Vettel into the Red Bull team for next year. The talented young German driver is believed to be official confirmed as partnering Mark Webber next season as Red Bull endeavour to move further up the grid. Although nothing official has been announced yet Christian Horner all but assured it with this statement made on Thursday while at the German Grand Prix.

    "We are delighted that Sebastian will be joining us next year. With David Coulthard announcing his retirement as a Formula 1 driver a fortnight ago at the British Grand Prix, after careful consideration, it seemed natural to announce his replacement here at Sebastian's home race in Hockenheim, as he was already part of the Red Bull family, choosing Sebastian as Mark Webber's team-mate was not a difficult decision.

    However, we have always stated that our aim is to have the strongest available driver line-up and Vettel's selection also matches these criteria. Having only turned 21 at the last race and with only 17 Grand Prix starts to his name, he is still on a learning curve, but it is clear that he has plenty of ability and speed.

    We are confident that Red Bull Racing will make the most of these attributes and believe that, in Mark and Sebastian, we have a very competitive driver line-up for 2009."

    This will make a strong partnership at Red Bull next year, partnering youth with experience and hopefully help Red Bull to move forward.

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