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  • Hispania's Hopes reach a new High

    The last week or so have seen some really big steps forward for Camp… I mean Hispania Racing F1 Team! Lets just call it HRT for short and that’s not Hormone Replacement Therapy by the way! From the management buy out of the team and the appointment of German guru Colin Kolles as team principal, to the more recent signing of Karun Chandhok and the launch of the... read more

  • Due dilligence, Mickey Mouse, and the failing of USF1

    Mark Webber isn't a man to mince his words, and there's certainly no mincing to be found in yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald where he calls the situation with the new F1 teams embarrassing. It's embarrassing... It's incredible that people who haven't yet turned a wheel take part in grands prix... It's the sort of stuff from Mickey Mouse or Tom and Jerry... It would... read more

  • Lotus-ing the way to Banter Wars victory

    Two and a half weeks ago the Banter Wars winning car was unveiled, and what a machine! The Lotus T127 clearly stunned the F1 World because Force India and Red Bull - who both launched their motors the following week - scrapped their 2010 designs and unveiled photocopies of their 2009 cars. The distinctive green and yellow livery hankers back to the Loti of decades past, rival... read more

  • The curious case of Danica Patrick

    If you’ve listened to the inaugural F1 Fans Podcast you will have heard my tongue wagging like Pavlov’s dog over Danica Patrick. We all know she’s good looking and that she’s likely header for a long and possibly successful career in NASCAR but let’s allow ourselves the luxury of seeing how well she might translate to the world of F1. Firstly... read more

  • Website update: big sparkly photos

    SCOTLAND, 26th Feb (Teuters) - With just 16 days until the green light in Sakhir have updated the F1F-02 with the Bahrain spec diffuser (and a sparkly photo section). The team is hoping to get plenty of mileage on the new parts, but the freezing snowy weather in Scotland is hampering track time. Number 23 driver, Lloyd told TEUTERS, The car is looking good and... read more

  • Podcast launched! - Episode 1 - The Pilot - New teams, testing and predictions

    After much deliberation, many failed recordings, a false start and much swearing (at Garageband and iTunes), we're happy (and relieved) to post our first F1-Fans Podcast. Lloyd, Jon and me waffle on (sometimes amusingly - so we're told) about testing, the new F1 teams, that German bloke, and our 2010 and Bahrain predictions. Remember we're having a laugh with the "Banter... read more

  • Three tests down - one to go!

    So we’ve had 3 tests successfully completed and only have 1 more to go before the opening race in Bahrain on the 14th March. But what have we actually learned ahead of the 2010 season and what can we take into the opening few rounds? Well after asking myself that very question many times, I find my answer is - and perhaps rather cynically – nothing. Now I admit... read more

  • Kimi Hates Coroporate F1; Do You?

    For fans hoping to see the return of Kimi Raikkonen to Formula 1 next season the early signs look bleak; Crash.Net has Raikkonen quoted as saying I was in Formula 1 for a long time and, right now, I don't miss it, before going on to add In F1, testing and everything is exactly the same; you go to the same circuits and do lap-after-lap. The only variable is whether it rains or... read more

  • Lotus back to the future with the new T127

    Lotus took the covers off their 2010 car - the T127 - this evening in London. Wow. It's stunning. The distinct yellow and green livery hankers back to the Lotus of old, and picks out some of the intricate detailing on the front and rear wings. The T127 will join the other F1 teams in Jerez for the third group test which starts on Wednesday 17th for 4 days. In hindsight the... read more

  • There she is, the RB6

    Red Bull have unveiled the much awaited RB6 this morning in Jerez. Adrian Newey's latest creation is an evolution of the 2009 RB5 rather than anything radical. The shark-fin stays, as does the pull-rod rear suspension. In it's launch guise it is difficult to the untrained eye to distinguish it from the '5. Thankfully Craig Scarborough has that trained eye and has posted some... read more

  • Seven cars up, one test down - thoughts on the test in Valencia

    Fantastic. The winter F1 drought is finally over. No more twiddling our thumbs, and paying far too much attention to the stupid things that Mr E comes out with. At last some of the jigsaw is coming together so we can start to understand the picture that is the 2010 season. Seven (make that 9 now) teams have launched their challengers, and six of them have completed the first... read more

  • Force India Launch New VJM03

    Today (Feb 9th) saw the launch of Force India’s latest championship challenger, the chunky-monkey VJM03. Designed to be an evolution of last year’s car the VJM02; this years Mercedes powered car shares some similarities, but on the whole looks to be a much more simpler design. The car has a much fatter and lower front nose, with much thinner side pod intakes. It... read more

  • The Virgin VR-01 breaks cover - eventually

    Virgin Racing unveiled the VR-01, their first Formula One car as the team builds up to it's first race - Bahrain in less than 40 days time. It didn't exactly go to plan for the usually PR-savvy brand. Originally scheduled to be revealed exclusively online on the team's website at 10am it wasn't until nearly 12 when the first pictures emerged, and even later when the website... read more

  • Renault "Bumble Bee" - more like "Fumble Bee"

    Sunday saw Renault launch their new championship challenger the R30 along with its radical new livery, nicknamed “The Bumble Bee”. Now I’m sure that a lot of people will disagree with me and say it looks great, but I feel I have to voice the view of the silent majority and say ‘your wrong”! The "Bumble Bee". I get it that Renault didn’t set... read more

  • The Williams FW32 hits the track

    The Williams FW32 took to the track this morning in Valencia. Amongst six other teams at the Spanish circuit the squad simply turned up, opened the garage door and got on with it. No swanky launches here. Of course the team did reveal their 2010 contender to a lens from Autosport and the video camera of "MrTurboF1" last week, but by the close of today we did get some better... read more

The 2010 HRT car - © @BSenna

The 2010 HRT car © @BSenna

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