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  • Monaco: Second pole in a row for Webber

    Mark Webber has started this weekend in Monaco as he finished the Spanish Grand Prix just 6 days ago. The only man to get into the 1:13's the Aussie lapped the famous circuit in a 1:13.826 for pole position. And Robert Kubica was on fire too, holding the top position until the final moments, he lines up on the front row for the first time since Canada 2008, the race that he... read more

  • When four become two!

    The Spanish GP was the second dominant win for Red Bull this season and although the car may appear fragile it is still certainly the class act of the field. But what else can we say about the state of play in F1 now that the circus has returned to Europe. Well at the very least we can now watch races at a sensible time of the day. Brilliant! Conclusions from Spain So to... read more

  • Aussie Grit: Webber converts pole into a win in Spain

    Mark Webber became the first man to convert a pole position into a race win this year as the Aussie took the third chequered flag of his career. Home boy Fernando Alonso took advantage of other people's problems to finish 2nd, with Vettel nursing his car over the line for 3rd. Both Red Bulls made good starts as Webber quickly closed the door on anyone trying to make a move... read more

  • Marvelous Mark takes Pole in Spain

    Mark Webber put one over his young teammate Sebastian Vettel today at the Circuit de Catalunya by claiming a fantastic Pole Position ahead of the Spanish GP tomorrow. The Aussie stole Pole from Vettel in the dying seconds of Q3 to continue Red Bull’s unbeaten and dominate qualifying form, taking it 5 out of 5 this season. Championship leader Jenson Button could only mange... read more

  • Lotus: more of that, and better, please

    It's frightening to think that over 20% of the season is complete already, and we're only 7 weeks in! The opening four rounds of 2010 have been the ultimate shakedown for our three new teams, and the start of the European season this weekend is the next milestone. The magnificent Lotus lead the way in our Blue Flag Championship, mainly thanks to the flying Finn Heikki. He has... read more

  • Banter Wars Malaysia: We have a fight

    The last time I wrote one of these updates my faith had been severely dented by the whole Virgin fuel tank issue a week later and I find myself celebrating Virgin's first race day triumph in the Banter Wars arena. Let's ignore the fact that Richard extended his lead in the standings; this was due in the most part to Malaysia being Lotus' home round and therefore a double... read more

  • I know what let's change F1 to 1F

    I doubt I'm going to get much in the way of shock and surprise when I announce this is a rant about the FIA. Formula One wing mirrors - reflective devices that aid the driver in seeing to the rear and side outside their peripheral vision - are to be banned. Pretty inconspicuous things, you'd have thought. Well on a mid-season whim the FIA have decided to ban (from the Spanish... read more

  • Raining Red Bulls, Vettel and Webber 1-2 in Malaysia

    Everyone was certain, double "for sure" (Stephano Dominicali), and triple "yeah, no, definitely" (Christian Horner) that there would be rain during today's Malaysian Grand Prix. But it didn't materialise. The only rain was Red Bulls, as they scampered into the distance and to the chequered flag. Third on the grid Sebastian Vettel took the honours by virtue of a banzai run into... read more

  • Banter Wars Australia: big enough fuel tank brainwave

    This update is a little late to the party given that we are in the middle of the next weekend and is painful for me to type after Virgin's futility at the weekend but type it I must so here I go. Lotus cleaned up for the second weekend in a row and now sit on 83 points which let Richard extend his lead out to 63 points, over HRT who leapfrogged Virgin into second on the back... read more

  • Banter Wars Bahrain recap: damn those Hydraulics

    This Banter Wars update is a touch late but I'm hoping you will all taking moving to another continent as a good enough excuse for this not being a little earlier [Jon's moved out to Vietnam - Richard]. Enough of that claptrap though; lets get back to the subject at hand: Banter Wars. The first news of the weekend was the best from a Banter Wars perspective; Lloyd's Hispania... read more

  • Thoughts on the Bahrain not-so-grand Grand Prix

    Ferrari win, new teams debuted, Vettel has engine problem. Done. Dusted. Not really much more to it was there? For sure, the 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix won't be remembered for long. It just didn't offer much in the way of a "show" (an overused phrase that I'm becoming to loath). So why? Is it the circuit? Probably. The Sakhir track hasn't really lent itself to producing... read more

  • 'Luscious Liz' takes Vettel to P1

    Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel sensationally took pole position for the first race of 2010 in Bahrain. The German sneaked ahead of favourites Ferrari who lined up 2nd and 3rd with Felipe Massa ahead of Fernando Alonso.  Bahrain also marked the first competitive session of Lotus, Hispania and Virgin. For the full qualifying result check the 2010 Bahrain... read more

  • Can you tell I'm excited about F1 2010 yet?

    Wow, just one more sleep until the F1 drought is finally over. At 7am (UK time) I'll be armed with a brew - tea naturally - the TV remote, and probably a very sleepy hound. The other day Lloyd had his say on what he was looking forward to in 2010, so I suppose it's my turn :) British racing green, and Virgin on HRT Hands up, I admit it, I really enjoy supporting the... read more

  • Five things to get excited about! (or not?!)

    So were now less than a week away from the lights going out and the start of F1 2010 in Bahrain. I was having a final think (…and yes it did hurt…badum bum) about what I am really looking forward to seeing this year in F1. 1) More teams fighting it out at the top Firstly, I am really excited about having more teams battling it out at the front. For the last... read more

  • The 2010 Twitter F1 Grid

    Last year we published the The Twitter (fake) F1 Grid, which was lots of fun, but this year we've (almost) got the real Twitter F1 Grid! An incredible number of the real teams and drivers have signed up for the 140-character service, offering insight and opportunity for fans to connect directly with the people literally in the hot seats! Admittedly some are better... read more

Mark Webber, Robert Kubica and Sebastian Vettel the top three in qualifying for the 2010 Monaco Grand Prix - © RedBull/Getty

Webber with back-to-back pole positions © RedBull/Getty

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