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  • De la Rosa tests for Force India-Ferrari!

    In a surprise move Pedro De la Rosa is testing today for in a Force India. He was on track only yesterday in the McLaren assessing parts for their 2009 challenger.

    This has stirred up the rumors that have persisted since McLaren and Force India announced their technical partnership, that De la Rosa will get a race seat at the team in 2009. That is despite Malaya confirming only a few weeks ago that his driver line-up would remain unchanged.

    Anyhow that isn't what has got me thinking.

    Has anyone else noticed whats going on? I'm sure Ferrari must have.

    We have a McLaren test driver, driving a Ferrari powered car! Now I can't speculate that Force India will pass on their testing data to McLaren (would they?), but even just the informal feedback that De la Rosa can infer back to McLaren must surely be a worry to Ferrari.

    In fact post spygate I am very surprised McLaren and Force India have decided to make this move.

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