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  • Lotus back to the future with the new T127

    Lotus took the covers off their 2010 car - the T127 - this evening in London.

    Wow. It's stunning. The distinct yellow and green livery hankers back to the Lotus of old, and picks out some of the intricate detailing on the front and rear wings.

    The T127 will join the other F1 teams in Jerez for the third group test which starts on Wednesday 17th for 4 days. In hindsight the Norfolk based squad will not be far behind fellow newcomer Virgin who have been hampered by the weather and component failure in Jerez so far this week.

    Emotional team boss Tony Fernandes said, I am extremely proud to be here today and to be able to show the world the fruits of the team’s hard work over the last five months.

    Chief Technical Officer Mike Gascoyne added, The last few months have been some of the most challenging of my career, but it’s been a challenge the whole team and I have thrived on since we first started work on the car up in Norfolk. I’m delighted that we’ve reached this point, and now we have a beautiful car that gives us a great base to work from for the season ahead and a fighting chance of going racing in the right way, with a winning mentality. But he isn't underestimating the challenge still to come, The hard part starts now, and I know everyone in the team and I are up for whatever lies ahead.

    Caveats granted - I'm supporting Lotus in our bit of fun Banter Wars Championship - the new car really is stunning. And without considering the team started work months later than F1's other new entries, the detail is astounding.

    The front-wing unlike the Virgin VR-01's wouldn't look amiss on the McLaren or Williams, with multiple-elements and a complex endplate setup.

    Well I'm bowled over. What do you think of the Lotus T127?

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  • Lloyd Watts's avatar
    Lloyd Watts
    11:15am Sat, 13th February 2010

    Joking aside, looks like Lotus have made a bit more of an effort aerodynamically than Virgin, but think I'll hold off on my final judgements on the car till its got some mileage under its belt, something Virgin is struggling to do at the moment!

    Not too sure on the paint job yet, it certainly is different than the other teams and it will easily be recognisable, but not sure of thats a good thing or not.

  • Jon Bellwood's avatar
    Jon Bellwood
    8:24pm Sat, 13th February 2010

    Did you steal your front wing design from hot wheels or matchbox? cant wait to pound you at the next test sunshine!