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  • There she is, the RB6

    Red Bull have unveiled the much awaited RB6 this morning in Jerez.

    Adrian Newey's latest creation is an evolution of the 2009 RB5 rather than anything radical. The shark-fin stays, as does the pull-rod rear suspension. In it's launch guise it is difficult to the untrained eye to distinguish it from the '5.

    Thankfully Craig Scarborough has that trained eye and has posted some details of the subtle updates. He has been producing some excellent technical analysis on his twitter stream, and no doubt when more pictures are available there will be more on the vital rear setup of the RB6.

    "For me, 2009 was a great year because, although we didn’t manage to win the championship, Red Bull Racing matured to the point where we were able to win races and challenge for a championship. How that affects our season next year remains to be seen, but it has given a lot of people within the company confidence in their own ability.

    The main change in regulations for 2010 are much smaller than for 2009 – the only ones of significance are the ban on refuelling and the smaller front tyre. It may be that other people have made big strides over the winter, and so how we all start the season remains to be seen."

    Adrian Newey

    Last years RB5 was arguably the best car when considering the compromise that was the retrofitted double diffuser. And it looks like Newey has concentrated his efforts in that area, but as usual its probably safe to assume a new front and rear wings will be fitted before racing gets under way in a little over a month in Bahrain.

    So what do you think? Is the RB6 a winner?

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  • Lloyd Watts's avatar
    Lloyd Watts
    12:53pm Wed, 10th February 2010

    I think she looks just great, but what the hell I'm biased. Defiantly the best looking car of 2010 so far.

    I mean yes it looks similar to the RB5 but how to you improve on a car that was already the class of the field from last year :P

    Shame about the oil leak that brought Webber's initial run to a hault, but I'd rather be getting these problems now than on the last lap of a race!

  • Richard's avatar
    4:07pm Wed, 10th February 2010

    One question that's been growing in my mind is how similar the RB6 and STR5 are - even though they're meant to have gone their different ways in the design office.

    I know it's plausible that both teams came up with similar ideas when starting from the same base, but still.....

    Surprised more Red Bull 'knockers' haven't jumped on it yet.....

  • Jon Bellwood's avatar
    Jon Bellwood
    8:25pm Sat, 13th February 2010

    Dont give a crap about all this RB6 and STR5 must be independently designed codswallop BUT its nowhere near as pretty as the Ferrari or the Sauber!