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  • Force India Launch New VJM03

    Today (Feb 9th) saw the launch of Force India’s latest championship challenger, the chunky-monkey VJM03. Designed to be an evolution of last year’s car the VJM02; this years Mercedes powered car shares some similarities, but on the whole looks to be a much more simpler design.

    The car has a much fatter and lower front nose, with much thinner side pod intakes. It also sports a cut-away air intake box, similar to the McLaren. The wing mirrors have been incorporated into the side pods, similar to last years Red Bull, while a new double diffuser has also been added to the rear of the car. The team hopes to take full advantage of it before double diffusers are banned in 2011.

    Tonio Liuzzi is scheduled to give the car its shakedown tomorrow at Jerez, when the second test session gets underway.  The team also took the opportunity to fully confirm Paul di Resta as the team’s new reserve and test driver for 2010. 

    Overall there doesn’t seem to be anything radical about the team’s new car and indeed ‘a good overall car’ is how the team’s Design Director Mark Smith described it. He hopes that by having a car that is suited to all types of track it will improve the team’s chances this season, instead of just being good on the low down force tracks that the VJM02 excelled at last year. 

    This makes me think the team is not all that confident and excited about their chances this season, they appear more cautious and reserved. Not exactly the approach I’d want to take into a new season if I wanted to move up the pecking order.

    However time will tell whether Force India has made a step forward or taken 2 steps back. But what are your thoughts on the new VJM03 leave a comment below.

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