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  • The Virgin VR-01 breaks cover - eventually

    Virgin Racing unveiled the VR-01, their first Formula One car as the team builds up to it's first race - Bahrain in less than 40 days time.

    It didn't exactly go to plan for the usually PR-savvy brand. Originally scheduled to be revealed exclusively online on the team's website at 10am it wasn't until nearly 12 when the first pictures emerged, and even later when the website was updated - it now has photos and a video presented by BBC's David Croft.

    On to the car, and even on the first glimpse of the VR-01 you see that it has some unique features not seen on any of the other launched cars so far. It is characterised by a long-thin-low nose, and a distinct black and red livery. Honestly if we hadn't had the photos and they'd said imagine a cross between a CHAMP car and the 2006 Midland F1 car, we wouldn't have been far off.

    Some areas of the car look relatively simple, such as the front wing with few elements, and the rear diffuser, regarding the latter Nick Worth said, "kind of a bit different to other people's but it's the basis for development".

    Virgin are conducting a private shakedown test tomorrow and Friday at Silverstone, before joining the other F1 teams in Jerez, Spain Wednesday next week for the second group test.

    My opinion; it's definitely distinct, but does that make it any good? I'll hold off my judgement until I see what the other new teams have come up with.

    What do you think of the Virgin VR-01?

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  • Jon Bellwood's avatar
    Jon Bellwood
    1:25am Thu, 4th February 2010

    That there is a beast! Who else from the new teams will be at Jerez? Will be nice to get a comparison!

  • Richard's avatar
    8:15am Thu, 4th February 2010

    Force India and Red Bull join the tests next week, but of the new teams Lotus is the only one with a date - launch 12th then joining testing a week later.

    Ironically (maybe?) the only other team to have announced anything is Stefan GP which don't have a slot on the grid! They're launching 25th Feb and likely to have Nakajakka as a driver.

    It'll be interesting how far off the pace Virgin are next week in Jerez, and then how the Lotus compares. The house of cards might be a'tumblin :D

  • Jon Bellwood's avatar
    Jon Bellwood
    10:58pm Thu, 4th February 2010

    Nakajima? How can he still be in F1? Who would sponsor a guy who is clearly not good enough? Sponsors are mental.

  • Lloyd Watts's avatar
    Lloyd Watts
    11:17am Fri, 5th February 2010

    Very simple answer Jon, he maybe rubbish, but he will bring a lot of money to the team! Hence a race seat - its a said state of affairs

    Just seen a pic of this "beast" - whatever - at Silverstone during its shakedown and it just reminded me of an old Midland F1 car.

    I can't imagine you want that stigma attached to your car Jon!

  • Jon Bellwood's avatar
    Jon Bellwood
    11:23pm Fri, 5th February 2010

    That things got better curves than a scientifically modified Pamela Anderson circa early Baywatch! I don't know what you are on about!!

    As far as Nakajima - that's my point can these sponsors find a Japanese driver with a semblance of talent to put their money behind? Nakajima is useless!

  • Lloyd Watts's avatar
    Lloyd Watts
    7:57pm Sat, 6th February 2010

    Well if he's their best option to sponsor, what does that tell you about the rest of them! :P

  • Jon Bellwood's avatar
    Jon Bellwood
    3:03pm Tue, 9th February 2010

    But that aint true, we all know Sato is a better driver - so why aren't they sponsoring him?!