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  • The Mercedes MGP W01

    Formula 1 seems to be doing a buy one get on free offer today, as not content with 1 car launch, we have another in the form of the new Mercedes RB1. Hold on hasn’t that been used by someone else already? MGP….  No wait sounds like mpg, can’t be right, it must be the MP …no wait …that’s the McLaren… Mercedes unveiled their new WO1. Finally, got there in the end.   

    After the team unveiled their striking new silver arrow livery last week the team has final shown us the car Rosberg and Schumacher will drive in defence of the Constructors Championship this season. And what a car it is - very different.

    Nothing like this has been brought out by any of the other teams so far. The radical WO1 has like others decided to adopt the Newey philosophy of V-shaped front nose, but sports a very different engine cover. They have not adopted the shark fin approach, instead they have gone for a much lower air box and exposed much more of the rear suspension. The front wing does not look as complicated or as convoluted with aero pieces as some other cars seem.

    Nico Rosberg will put the car through its initial shakedown this morning in Valencia, but will hand it over to Schumacher for the afternoon’s running. Time will tell whether these radical ideas pay off or not.

    What do you think about Mercedes design? Leave your comments below.

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