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  • The Williams FW32 hits the track

    The Williams FW32 took to the track this morning in Valencia. Amongst six other teams at the Spanish circuit the squad simply turned up, opened the garage door and got on with it. No swanky launches here.

    Of course the team did reveal their 2010 contender to a lens from Autosport and the video camera of "MrTurboF1" last week, but by the close of today we did get some better large resolution photos to study.

    The car is evidently an evolution of last years '31, and to be honest it is difficult to pick out many distinguishing features. I suppose that's a benefit for the team in using the dark blue livery.

    It is another car to have the high nose with the camera mounts just about as far forward as they can physically go. The sidepods taper down at the rear far more aggressively than in 2009, and there seems to be a second air intake on the air box/roll hoop.

    Of course under the lid there is the Cosworth CA2010 V8 engine, it will be interesting to see how Williams - Cosworth's most high profile customer this year - does. They will certainly be a benchmark for the new teams using the same engine to base their performance on.

    Rubens had the honour of taking the new car out for it first spin today. He completed 75 laps however was just under 2 seconds off Felipe Massa's pace and sixth fastest out of 8. The Brazillian will hope to better that tomorrow before handing over to Nick Hulkenberg on Wednesday.

    So that's the FW32. Like it's launch and nothing special, or building on the success of 2009? What do you think?

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