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  • Torro Rosso show off their new STR5

    As testing is set to get underway today at Valencia, Toro Rosso took the opportunity to launch their new car the STR5, with driver’s Sebastien Buemi and Jamie Alguersuari on hand. 

    Up to now the Toro Rosso car has always been a model behind the sister Red Bull car, however with new regulations this season forbidding customer cars the STR5 is the first to be made by the team on their own. However 'Rosso and Red Bull are allowed to share ‘common parts’ but nothing that will enhance performance.

    The new STR5 looks like a logical progression from last year’s car the STR4, which of course was in essence based on the brilliant RB5. A new front nose cone has been developed with a lot more complicated aerodynamics being placed on the front wing. The shark fin has been retained as well as Newey’s V-shaped nose cone feature, but mind you most teams seem to have adopted the idea for 2010 (must be a good one!).

    What do you think about the new car and how do you rate Rosso's chances this season? Leave your comments below.

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