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  • Williams launch the FW32?

    Have we had the first viral F1 car launch? A spy-type video (below) emerged yesterday of the 2010 Williams contender - the FW32.

    From the video, levels of access and quality of footage, call me Shergar but it's been done by the team themselves, yep, definitely.

    Recent Twitterer Claire Williams (@ClaireVWilliams) - yep that Williams - tipped-off any would be spy photographers that the Grove based squad would be at the Northampton circuit on Thursday. Autosport [or should that be AUTOSPORT ;) ] did send a fella into the bushes with a long lens.

    Claire has also confirmed that the car has been shipped off to Valencia now, where it will join the first test on Monday alongside Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, Renault, Sauber and Toro Rosso.

    It shows a marked difference to the style of launch that Ferrari and McLaren have done this week - big glitzy sponsor laden, online affairs.

    If all my conjecture is in fact the case, I say well done to Claire and the team at Williams, with Renault and Sauber lined up for launches tomorrow (Sunday) and Toro Rosso Monday morning, doing it this way has given the team a little extra exposure than a photo session before or after 'Rosso and Merc' unveilings on Monday would have brought.

    Thoughts on the Car

    To me it looks similar to the Ferrari, with a long high front nose, and bulbous sidepods. Which would have been far better in my estimations had I not seen then agressive McLaren MP4-25 with it's two-tier front wing and shark-fin engine cover yesterday.

    No doubt we'll get better photos on Monday which it "officially" breaks cover, but in the meantime what do you think? Is a viral YouTube launch any good?

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  • john's avatar
    8:46pm Sat, 30th January 2010

    It's quite good that they're giving this a bit of effort - and it's appreciated. Good fun.

  • Jon Bellwood's avatar
    Jon Bellwood
    7:18pm Sun, 31st January 2010

    Can't beat something a bit different!