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  • McLaren unveil the MP4-25

    World champions Jenson Button, and Lewis Hamilton pulled the covers off the McLaren MP4-25 this morning in Newbury, at the Vodafone UK headquarters. The launch, like Ferrari's yesterday, was broadcast live to fans online through the McLaren website.

    The MP4-25 is quite a contrast to the Ferrari F10, with a striking shark-fin engine cover and much more aggressively tapered sidepods. The front wing is also of note, a highly sophisticated two-tier design that is like nothing from 2009.

    The car is the first to be fully developed under principle Martin Whitmarsh, and he hopes that they have corrected the mistakes of 2009. Last year's car, the MP4-24, had serious aerodynamic deficiencies which took the Woking team months to rectify. Lewis went on to win the Hungarian and Singapore Grands Prix, however by then a championship challenge was over.

    Personally I like the aggressive look of the MP4-25, especially compared to the "chunky-monkey" look of the Ferrari. What do you think of the new McLaren?

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  • notme's avatar
    2:49pm Sat, 30th January 2010

    It's UGLY!!!!!!!! it better be fast, as it's ugly!!!!
    I know is all about aerodynamics, and they don't care about looks, anymore, but . . . just can't look at it!! :(

    Oh well, i'm honest!!
    It better be freakin fast!!! then!