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  • Ferrari Launch 'Dream' F10

    Today saw the launch of Ferrari’s latest championship challenger - the F10, at its factory in Maranello. It marks the first official launch of any of the 2010 cars and finally breaks the silence of winter.  Team Principle Sefano Donimicalli, President Luca di Montezemolo and the team’s drivers were on hand to unveil the F10 in a large-scale media event.

    Ferrari claim that the new F10 is a fresh start, after they endured a miserable 2009 season. With the new 2010 regulations the car has been built from scratch, yet after watching their car launch live online, the F10 looked not to dissimilar to its predecessor. Several engineers were on hand to explain the technical specifications of the car, how the team had gone about building and designing this new car. 

    After getting the drivers to pull the covers Sefeno Donimicalli explained that having all aspects of the cars design and manufacture under one roof to be of great help to the team for the coming season. 

    President Luca di Montezemolo made the longest speech, describing the new car as ‘a Dream’ after speaking at length about the teams 61 years in Formula 1. He reminded the media and sponsors present about the team’s passion and winning tradition in F1. That Ferrari is a team; it wins as a team and loses as a team, it is not based around any one person.

    Again 2009 was mentioned and how it fell below the team’s standards, but for a team that seem desperate to forget 2009 they certainly mentioned it quite often!

    The F10 will make its track debut on Monday in Valencia, when Felipe Massa will have the honour of putting the car through its shakedown. Only then and in the coming tests will we find out whether the car has the potential to return Ferrari to form.

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  • What color is Ferrari?
  • Richard's avatar
    6:30pm Thu, 28th January 2010

    Looks a bit of a porker to me, but maybe that's just the 2010 car "look".

    Also looks like they drew some inspiration from last years Red Bull (nose) and McLaren (rear wing).

    I just hope for Massa and Alonso's sake it's somewhat better than last years motor.