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  • 2011 Launch and Testing dates

    A new year is not a F1 new year until the first new car is unveiled. No ifs, no buts, no 2011 car, therefore it aint 2011 yet. And it's Ferrari that usually choose when the date-flip occurs and 2011 is no different, with their launch scheduled for Friday 28th Jan. Below are the confirmed 2011 launch dates/times: Date Team Car Notes 28 Jan Ferrari F150 Maranello 31... read more

  • OK... Didn't See That One Coming!

    Coming to Brazil, hosting the penultimate round of the 2010 F1 Championship everyone’s attention was focused on the title contenders – Alonso, Webber, Vettel and Hamilton. Everyone thought it would be one of them that would claim Pole Position. We were looking at another Red Bull demonstration run to lock out of the front row, given the pace they displayed in Practice, or maybe even... read more

  • Red Bull's blunder leaves the door open for McLaren 1-2

    In an adrenaline filled race Red Bull Racing threw away a potential one-two finish at the Turkish GP after their two drivers collided whilst leading. After a brilliant piece of strategy play by the Red Bull team, Vettel had managed to leapfrog Hamilton for 2nd during the first round of pit stops. Although Webber and Vettel looked to be under pressure from the McLaren duo they seemed to have the... read more

  • 'Luscious Liz' takes Vettel to P1

    Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel sensationally took pole position for the first race of 2010 in Bahrain. The German sneaked ahead of favourites Ferrari who lined up 2nd and 3rd with Felipe Massa ahead of Fernando Alonso.  Bahrain also marked the first competitive session of Lotus, Hispania and Virgin. For the full qualifying result check the 2010 Bahrain Grid. Surprise of... read more

  • Lotus back to the future with the new T127

    Lotus took the covers off their 2010 car - the T127 - this evening in London. Wow. It's stunning. The distinct yellow and green livery hankers back to the Lotus of old, and picks out some of the intricate detailing on the front and rear wings. The T127 will join the other F1 teams in Jerez for the third group test which starts on Wednesday 17th for 4 days. In hindsight the Norfolk based squad... read more

  • There she is, the RB6

    Red Bull have unveiled the much awaited RB6 this morning in Jerez. Adrian Newey's latest creation is an evolution of the 2009 RB5 rather than anything radical. The shark-fin stays, as does the pull-rod rear suspension. In it's launch guise it is difficult to the untrained eye to distinguish it from the '5. Thankfully Craig Scarborough has that trained eye and has posted some details of the... read more

  • Force India Launch New VJM03

    Today (Feb 9th) saw the launch of Force India’s latest championship challenger, the chunky-monkey VJM03. Designed to be an evolution of last year’s car the VJM02; this years Mercedes powered car shares some similarities, but on the whole looks to be a much more simpler design. The car has a much fatter and lower front nose, with much thinner side pod intakes. It also sports a cut-away... read more

  • The Virgin VR-01 breaks cover - eventually

    Virgin Racing unveiled the VR-01, their first Formula One car as the team builds up to it's first race - Bahrain in less than 40 days time. It didn't exactly go to plan for the usually PR-savvy brand. Originally scheduled to be revealed exclusively online on the team's website at 10am it wasn't until nearly 12 when the first pictures emerged, and even later when the website was updated - it now... read more

  • The Williams FW32 hits the track

    The Williams FW32 took to the track this morning in Valencia. Amongst six other teams at the Spanish circuit the squad simply turned up, opened the garage door and got on with it. No swanky launches here. Of course the team did reveal their 2010 contender to a lens from Autosport and the video camera of "MrTurboF1" last week, but by the close of today we did get some better large resolution... read more

  • The Mercedes MGP W01

    Formula 1 seems to be doing a buy one get on free offer today, as not content with 1 car launch, we have another in the form of the new Mercedes RB1. Hold on hasn’t that been used by someone else already? MGP….  No wait sounds like mpg, can’t be right, it must be the MP …no wait …that’s the McLaren… Mercedes unveiled their new WO1. Finally, got... read more

  • Torro Rosso show off their new STR5

    As testing is set to get underway today at Valencia, Toro Rosso took the opportunity to launch their new car the STR5, with driver’s Sebastien Buemi and Jamie Alguersuari on hand.  Up to now the Toro Rosso car has always been a model behind the sister Red Bull car, however with new regulations this season forbidding customer cars the STR5 is the first to be made by the team on their... read more

  • Renault's Kubica and Petrov unwrap the R30

    Robert Kubica and Vitaly Petrov have unveiled the Renault R30, the team's new car for the 2010 season. The R30 marks a big change for the Enstone based squad, which is mirrored in the driver lineup, car livery, and both team management and ownership. The livery is a striking "bumble bee" yellow and black affair which hankers back to the Renaults of the 70's and 80's. While the livery is... read more

  • Sauber C29 launched

    Sauber's Pedro de la Rosa and Kamui Koboyashi unveiled the C29 today in Valencia, Spain. The troubled team - still technically known as BMW Sauber - launched their 2010 contender devoid of any sponsor logos, deals still obviously a work-in-progress. The car, which is now powered by a Ferrari engine and gearbox, looks stunning in it's current white and black/grey livery. It has a striking raised... read more

  • Williams launch the FW32?

    Have we had the first viral F1 car launch? A spy-type video (below) emerged yesterday of the 2010 Williams contender - the FW32. From the video, levels of access and quality of footage, call me Shergar but it's been done by the team themselves, yep, definitely. Recent Twitterer Claire Williams (@ClaireVWilliams) - yep that Williams - tipped-off any would be spy... read more

  • McLaren unveil the MP4-25

    World champions Jenson Button, and Lewis Hamilton pulled the covers off the McLaren MP4-25 this morning in Newbury, at the Vodafone UK headquarters. The launch, like Ferrari's yesterday, was broadcast live to fans online through the McLaren website. The MP4-25 is quite a contrast to the Ferrari F10, with a striking shark-fin engine cover and much more aggressively tapered sidepods. The... read more

Jaime Alguersuari in the STR5 during the Prielli tyre test in Abu Dhabi - © Red Bull/Getty

Jaime assesses the 2011 rubber © Red Bull/Getty

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