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  • Driver Talk - Brazilian GP Race

    Well what a dramatic, nail biting finish to one of the closest races to decide the championship ever. Lewis Hamilton passing Timo Glock on the 2nd to last corner of the last lap, managed to claim the 5th place finish he needed in order to clinch the Driver's title by one point. Massa won the race and in the confussion Ferrari thought they had done it, but Lewis 5th place finish mean he wins the crown by a single point.

    Yet in all the hysteria of the first British World Champion since Damon Hill in 1996, our own Red Bull drivers final race was cut unfortunately short. David Coulthard was taken out in the first corner thanks to a double attack from the Williams duo of Rosberg and Nakajima. Thus the Scots 4 year career with Red Bull comes to a end. For the final time this year this is what our drivers had to say after the race:-

    David Coulthard:

    Result - DNF (Hit by N. Rosberg In Turn 1)

    "I'm pretty gutted, it's not how I wanted to end my career. I took a cautious approach into Turn one and left plenty of space for the car on the inside, but unfortunately I think Rosberg hit me though Turn two, which spun me round. I thought it would be okay, but then Nakajima ran into the front of my car and took off the front corner. I felt good on the warm up laps going to the grid, I had no problem with it being wet and I wanted to get to the chequered flag. I was going to do some do-nuts for the crowd, which is something you normally get fined for, but it didn't work out. I can't complain though, I've had a good career, so thank you to everyone who has supported me. Thank you also to the efforts of every member of the Red Bull Racing team for the last four years, which have been a lot of fun, I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future. I've been overwhelmed by the level of support I've had from the paddock this weekend, it means a great deal to me that so many people have taken the time to say 'nice career and good luck with the future'. And, in the absence of a World Championship, I think if I can leave with that, then that's a good ending."

    Mark Webber:

    Result - 9th (+79.6 secs)

    "The car was pretty difficult to drive today. We had a long middle stint, but the pace wasn't there and I struggled. We knew some of the problems we had from practice and we tried to cater for those in the race, but in the end most of them were still there. It's disappointing to finish ninth."

    As a bonus and because it is the final race of the season and because they have been the title challengers this season, we thought we would add Felipe Massa's & Lewis Hamilton's comments as well.

    Felipe Massa:

    Result - 1st (1:13:11.435)

    "I think you know the race was just perfect. We did everything fantastically with such a difficult weather. I am so proud about that race I am so proud about the team. I am so proud about the people around who support me more than ever, more than 100 percent, much more than I expected. That is really an emotional day for me. You always do everything perfect even with the temperature but we saw Lewis passing Glock again and that is really mixed a lot of emotions, but that is racing. The race finishes at the chequered flag. We finished in front and we have to be very proud of that, we missed one point but that is racing. We need to be proud about our job, we need to be proud about our race and our Championship. I know how to win and I know how to lose. It is another day of my life. I will learn a lot from this day but I am very emotional."

    "I am sure our president, everyone in the team is very proud, very happy like me - and we need to congratulate Lewis as he did a great Championship, he scored more points than us so he deserves to be Champion, I know how to lose, I know how to win and it is another day of my life where I will learn a lot. Hopefully we come back here with the title, but it is part of our experience and part of our life."

    Lewis Hamilton:

    Result - 5th (+38.9 secs) - 2008 Drivers Champion

    It’s pretty much impossible to put into words – I’m speechless. My family’s here, my dad’s here…it’s been such a long journey with a lot of support from people back home, my team who did a fantastic job all year, and all the sacrifices we made. I’m so thrilled to be able to do this for everyone.

    Before it started to rain I was quite comfortable – my tyres were a little bit shot so I was struggling to keep the pace up, but I was able to stay ahead of Vettel, and then it started to drizzle and I didn’t want to take any risks, and then he got past me. Then I was told that I had to get in front of him, and I couldn’t believe it. In the last corner I managed to get past Glock and I’m telling you, I can only thank God, it was just amazing. The team told me just before I got to him. They said ‘you have to get past Glock’. I was trying my hardest to get to Vettel, but he was just as quick as me if not a little bit quicker. It was one of the toughest, if not the, toughest race of my life. I didn’t know. I was like ‘do I have it?’ and as I went into turn one they told me and I was ecstatic.

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2008 Brazil - Massa Podium - © diogo dubiella

Massa won in Brazil and did all he could to win the title, but it wasn't to be © diogo dubiella

Position Driver Team Time
1 F Massa Ferrari 1:13:11.435
2 F Alonso Renault +13.2 secs
3 K Raikkonen Ferrari +16.2 secs
4 S Vettel Toro Rosso +38.0 secs
5 L Hamilton McLaren +38.9 secs
6 T Glock Toyota +44.3 secs
7 H Kovalainen McLaren +55.0 secs
8 J Trulli Toyota +68.4 secs
9 M Webber Red Bull +79.6 secs
10 N Heidfeld BMW Sauber +1 Lap
11 R Kubica BMW Sauber +1 Lap
12 N Rosberg Williams +1 Lap
13 J Button Honda +1 Lap
14 S Bourdais Toro Rosso +1 Lap
15 R Barrichello Honda +1 Lap
16 A Sutil Force India +2 Laps
17 K Nakajima Williams +2 Laps
18 G Fisichella Force India +2 Laps
DNF N Piquet Jnr Renault +71 Laps
DNF D Coulthard Red Bull +71 Laps