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  • Rookie Team Driver Watch: Scrapheap Challenge

    This is the next in my three part series of drivers who might be available to the four or five newcomer teams who might make it to F1 next year. Here we will look at how some teams will try and turn one teams old junk into their new treasure. Now a wise man once said that you can’t polish a turd but some of these guys never got a decent chance. Some of these guys will bring money with them... read more

  • Rookie Team Driver Watch: Grizzled Veterans

    Next season sees the arrival of four or possibly even five, if Sauber take over the now vacant Toyota spot, teams into F1. These teams aren’t coming in with Toyota or Honda style budgets and none of them are going to be concerns in the Raikkonen and Rosberg wars of the 2010 silly season. That means they are going to be scraping the proverbial barrel as drivers go; hoping to grind one or two... read more

  • Seb seals Victory in the final race of 2009

    Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel took the inaugural chequered flag at Abu Dhabi to win the final race of the season ahead of team mate Mark Webber. Pole Position man Lewis Hamilton was forced to retire from second with a brake issue on his McLaren, while Champions Brawn finished 3rd and 4th, Button ahead of Barrichello. After both championships had already been settled in Brazil my one... read more

  • Barrichello's Chance As Button Flops (Again)

    Rubens Barrichello claimed his first pole position in F1 for 5 years and although he has the lightest car on the grid you have to feel that if the Brazilian doesn’t make the most of this opportunity then the title really does belong to Jenson Button. After watching the longest qualifying session in recent memory and some great fill in chat from the BBC Pundit team as nothing happened for an... read more

  • Who Goes Where In 2010?

    With the confirmation that Fernando Alonso will go to Ferrari next season to partner Felipe Massa, the driver market for 2010is now set to be decided as the 2009 season draws to a close. But where do we believe the major drivers will be next year and with all these new teams set to enter F1 who will be driving for them. So lets start off with what we already know, Mark Webber & Sebastian... read more

  • Looking at the Crashgate verdict from another angle

    Continuing my line of thought from here (the final paragraphs) how does yesterday's decision play into the bigger F1 political picture? The FIA summed up the case by describing it as being a breach of unparalleled severity, handed out a permanent disqualification, however then promptly took it away by suspending the sentence. Why would they do this given their own admission that the offence was... read more

  • Renault did a Houdini, FIA did a Frank Spencer

    Yesterday the FIA World Motor Sport Council met, deliberated, and decided the sanctions to impose on Renault and those involved in the Crashgate debacle. They came up with an oddball range of penalties and punishments; Renault They seem to have separated the F1 team from the car manufacturer, and neglected to tell us who get's what! All in all there's a permanent FIA Formula One World Championship... read more

  • Renault, crashgate and their consequences

    Renault announced yesterday that they will not dispute the race fixing allegations at the forthcoming FIA World Motorsport Council meeting. Also team boss Flavio Briatore and technical director Pat Symonds have left the team. Choosing not to dispute, does that actually mean they're pleading guilty? Probably. But the FIA will still have to prove without doubt the extent and severity of the offense.... read more

  • Conspiracising the conspiracy: Singapore 2008

    Remember the Singapore race last year? The first F1 night race, you know the one that Felipe Massa pulled away from the pits with his fuel hose still attached, the one that Alonso won. Well Alonso basically won because Nelson Piquet crashed his Renault just after the Spaniard had pitted - he was on an extremely short first stint - it was a free pit stop, that gave him the track position to win... read more

  • Fisichella shows us that F1 is more competitive than ever

    Spa-Francorchamps is one of the classic tracks on the F1 calendar, it offers enormous excitement and surprise, along with raw pace, all of which we saw yesterday. However, while we had a great drives from Kimi Raikkonen, the real story has to be Giancarlo Fisichella and his team; Force India. Force India have for so long been relegated to the back of the grid, fighting over the last few places in... read more

  • Summer Recess: Miraculous turn around from McLaren

    From the moment the MP4-24 hit the track in January it was a dog. The wind tunnel and CFD just didn't show any correlation with reality. They fumbled around testing with 2008 rear wings, front wings, and gallons of aerodynamic paint, nothing seemed to work. It must have been somewhat embarrassing for new boss Martin Whitmarsh, and that's without any mention of 'liar-gate' that added insult to... read more

  • Summer Recess: Brawn's good start & recent slump

    Here we are just beyond half way through the 2009 season – it's been quick I know. We're on a 4 week break between races, and an official 2 week factory shut-down, so now seems like an ideal time to roundup what's gone on so far and feed a little perspective back on the ever turbulent world of F1. First up, the Brawn roller coaster The fairytale team from Brackley had an incredible start to... read more

2006 Turkish GP - Klien - © Tinou Bao

Christian Klien during quali for the Turkish GP © Tinou Bao

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