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Recap & Analysis

  • Raining Red Bulls, Vettel and Webber 1-2 in Malaysia

    Everyone was certain, double "for sure" (Stephano Dominicali), and triple "yeah, no, definitely" (Christian Horner) that there would be rain during today's Malaysian Grand Prix. But it didn't materialise. The only rain was Red Bulls, as they scampered into the distance and to the chequered flag. Third on the grid Sebastian Vettel took the honours by virtue of a banzai run into the first corner,... read more

  • Thoughts on the Bahrain not-so-grand Grand Prix

    Ferrari win, new teams debuted, Vettel has engine problem. Done. Dusted. Not really much more to it was there? For sure, the 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix won't be remembered for long. It just didn't offer much in the way of a "show" (an overused phrase that I'm becoming to loath). So why? Is it the circuit? Probably. The Sakhir track hasn't really lent itself to producing memorable races, and the... read more

  • Can you tell I'm excited about F1 2010 yet?

    Wow, just one more sleep until the F1 drought is finally over. At 7am (UK time) I'll be armed with a brew - tea naturally - the TV remote, and probably a very sleepy hound. The other day Lloyd had his say on what he was looking forward to in 2010, so I suppose it's my turn :) British racing green, and Virgin on HRT Hands up, I admit it, I really enjoy supporting the unlikely, the underdog, and... read more

  • Five things to get excited about! (or not?!)

    So were now less than a week away from the lights going out and the start of F1 2010 in Bahrain. I was having a final think (…and yes it did hurt…badum bum) about what I am really looking forward to seeing this year in F1. 1) More teams fighting it out at the top Firstly, I am really excited about having more teams battling it out at the front. For the last couple of seasons... read more

  • Due dilligence, Mickey Mouse, and the failing of USF1

    Mark Webber isn't a man to mince his words, and there's certainly no mincing to be found in yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald where he calls the situation with the new F1 teams embarrassing. It's embarrassing... It's incredible that people who haven't yet turned a wheel take part in grands prix... It's the sort of stuff from Mickey Mouse or Tom and Jerry... It would make more sense to... read more

  • The curious case of Danica Patrick

    If you’ve listened to the inaugural F1 Fans Podcast you will have heard my tongue wagging like Pavlov’s dog over Danica Patrick. We all know she’s good looking and that she’s likely header for a long and possibly successful career in NASCAR but let’s allow ourselves the luxury of seeing how well she might translate to the world of F1. Firstly she’s a sponsors... read more

  • Three tests down - one to go!

    So we’ve had 3 tests successfully completed and only have 1 more to go before the opening race in Bahrain on the 14th March. But what have we actually learned ahead of the 2010 season and what can we take into the opening few rounds? Well after asking myself that very question many times, I find my answer is - and perhaps rather cynically – nothing. Now I admit that it has been great... read more

  • Kimi Hates Coroporate F1; Do You?

    For fans hoping to see the return of Kimi Raikkonen to Formula 1 next season the early signs look bleak; Crash.Net has Raikkonen quoted as saying I was in Formula 1 for a long time and, right now, I don't miss it, before going on to add In F1, testing and everything is exactly the same; you go to the same circuits and do lap-after-lap. The only variable is whether it rains or not. These do not... read more

  • Seven cars up, one test down - thoughts on the test in Valencia

    Fantastic. The winter F1 drought is finally over. No more twiddling our thumbs, and paying far too much attention to the stupid things that Mr E comes out with. At last some of the jigsaw is coming together so we can start to understand the picture that is the 2010 season. Seven (make that 9 now) teams have launched their challengers, and six of them have completed the first 3-day test in... read more

  • Renault "Bumble Bee" - more like "Fumble Bee"

    Sunday saw Renault launch their new championship challenger the R30 along with its radical new livery, nicknamed “The Bumble Bee”. Now I’m sure that a lot of people will disagree with me and say it looks great, but I feel I have to voice the view of the silent majority and say ‘your wrong”! The "Bumble Bee". I get it that Renault didn’t set out to make it look... read more

  • Michael Schumacher; Don't Do It

    I’m well aware that F1 could really do with some good publicity right now. Off the track pretty much everything that could go wrong has gone wrong in the last couple of years; from the McLaren/Ferrari scandal, to Honda’s withdrawal, through Renault’s antics and to the withdrawal of Toyota and BMW with Renault possibly not far behind them. Whatever that good publicity eventually... read more

  • Jenson's Decision - Right or Wrong?

    Jenson Button’s decision to ditch his old team Brawn GP (or now Mercedes GP) in favour of a move to McLaren next season and partner Lewis Hamilton has created, let’s say ‘a mixed reaction’ amongst fans. Some feel that he has made the right decision and jumped ship to the better team, giving him the best chance of retaining his title. Whilst others think the move is... read more

  • Brawn GP becomes Mercedes GP - Good or Bad?

    Ok so we’ve all heard the news, Brawn GP is to be re-branded Mercedes GP after Mercedes Benz bought into the team. Now this got me thinking - is this a good thing or a bad thing for F1? What does it all come down to? Well here are the basics of the deal: Mercedes takes control of Brawn GP with a 75.1% share in the team Brawn GP is to be renamed Mercedes GP and become a full works... read more

  • Rookie Watch: How Many Cinderellas?

    There are many drivers currently sat waiting for the proverbial charming prince shall come and check to see if the glass slipper fits them. Some of these drivers are older than others but they all have one thing in common; they’ve never been to the F1 ball; or in the case of Kamui Kobayashi someone has stolen their invite. Lets see who is queuing up to see if their foot fits. Kamui... read more

  • Kimi Raikkonen: Ice-man or Ice-cream?

    Think about Kimi Raikkonen, what are the first words that come into your head? Dull? Unmotivated? Vodka? Ice-cream? Lackluster? Dare I say it, dreary? (source: twitter) But why don't things like World Champion, 18 times Grand Prix winner come to mind? This is the Jaime Alguersuari (age) of 2001 - except Kimi had less experience before coming into F1, and scored 9 points in his debut... read more

Jaime Alguersuari just ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Buemi in the 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix - © RedBull/Getty

Alguersuari on the way to his first F1 points © RedBull/Getty

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