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  • Can you tell I'm excited about F1 2010 yet?

    Wow, just one more sleep until the F1 drought is finally over. At 7am (UK time) I'll be armed with a brew - tea naturally - the TV remote, and probably a very sleepy hound.

    The other day Lloyd had his say on what he was looking forward to in 2010, so I suppose it's my turn :)

    British racing green, and Virgin on HRT

    Hands up, I admit it, I really enjoy supporting the unlikely, the underdog, and the unsuspecting. I was ecstatic when Toro Rosso did the incredible on home turf in 2008. I still think Piquet minor could have been right up their had he been dealt a different hand. And I was completely stoked when Luca Badoer made his comeback last year.

    So when three comparatively underfunded chancers are rolling up to the grid, I'm like the dog with two tails.

    Tracking the rollercoaster that has been getting the T127, VR-01 and (presumably) the HRT1 to Bahrain has had me captivated. I don't care that they'll be anywhere between 3 and 7 seconds off the pace (depending one who's analysis you believe), the human story eclipses all that.

    Perhaps its my age, I don't remember McLaren being founded, nor Williams, even the first guise of Force India is before my time. If I had ridden the 'coaster with them perhaps - like thousands of F1 fans a little greyer than me - I wouldn't pay so much attention to these pre-schoolers. But as it is I'll be rooting for all six of their drivers, treating a race finish as a victory, and beating A.N.Other team would be ecstasy.

    No more of that smelly explosive stuff

    2009 was the end of an era. A 16-year era. Since 1994 Formula 1 has had the spectacle of refuelling. No more is a race two, three or four individual sprints towards an empty tank.

    I don't think the difference has been recognised (by fans), and won't be maybe until a couple of rounds into the season. But the skills required to haul a car from 160kg of fuel to fumes with no setup changes is a daunting challenge. The equivalent of doing a marathon instead of a series of 100m sprints.

    Tyre management will be key, drivers pacing themselves and choosing the opportune moment to push like hell to make up some places. While the young whippersnappers give it some welly too early and suffer in the later stages.

    It still is strategy, just different to the pitstop-strategy that we're used to.


    Couldn't leave the German fella out could I? Like him or loath him, he's back, and the media storm will be relentless.

    Will he be any good? Will he win the championship? Will he last the season? Will he beat Lewis, Fernando and Sebastian? Will he beat Nico?

    Being a Schumacher-neutral I don't actually mind either way. I'll enjoy it if he cleans up, or equally it if Nico gives him a pounding.

    Killing giants

    Have you checked the times from testing? I think it's fair to say you aren't going to be able to fit something-very-small between them (that was simile #FAIL - it's going to be competitive alright!).

    Everyone seems to be happy with the four-teams-up-front analysis - that's Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes - in that order. But I don't think it's as clear cut as all that.

    Firstly Mercedes according to - too many sources to name them all - haven't bolted either their 2010 front wing or diffuser to the W01. Expect them to be a fair bit higher than 7th and 8th come Sunday!

    Next up, what about the days that BMW (for goodness sake change your name) Sauber, Toro Rosso and Williams topped the testing timesheets? And for that matter Force India showed that they were well up there on outright pace numerous times in Jerez and Barcelona.

    If the "giants" make a small qualifying mistake, setup compromise, or generally argue with Lady Luck, that's it, they're dead.

    Whoooh, F1 is freakin' back!

    Enough waffle, what other reason to get excited about F1 2010 do you need that it's back!

    Tomorrow morning, hurry the f... up!

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  • Mike Smith's avatar
    Mike Smith
    8:42pm Thu, 11th March 2010

    i cant wait either mate, booked off the weekend off work, so can watch the 1st race.

    i'll be up at 7am, to see the 1st practise. such a big kid. 22 years old lol