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  • Kimi Hates Coroporate F1; Do You?

    For fans hoping to see the return of Kimi Raikkonen to Formula 1 next season the early signs look bleak; Crash.Net has Raikkonen quoted as saying I was in Formula 1 for a long time and, right now, I don't miss it, before going on to add In F1, testing and everything is exactly the same; you go to the same circuits and do lap-after-lap. The only variable is whether it rains or not.

    These do not sound like the words of a man who is regretting his decision to bail on F1 at the end of the 2009 season. Everyone characterised Kimi as boring for his mono-syllabic press conferences but how much of that was the McLaren corporate machine?

    The Youtube videos of Raikkonen falling down his yacht and the infamous I was taking a shit comment to Martin Brundle allied with media reports of him basically being a pisshead leads me to believe that Raikkonen is another interesting soul held captive by the corporate world of F1. Rumours that David Coulthard has been interesting at times in his life are however bogus reporting.

    Why would Kimi come back to F1 anyway? He has a world championship, a good clutch of wins and poles and it’s not like he’s desperate for the cash; Ferrari are estimated to have paid Raikkonen £15 million to go away, that should see him through a few years even if he buys a couple more yachts to fall down.

    It also isn’t like he will be getting paid pennies for his WRC foray, I’m sure Red Bull is paying a seven figure sum to have Raikkonen in their C4 WRC and I wouldn’t be surprised if the WRC itself has some kind of agreement with Kimi considering how much extra interest his presence will be bringing to the series.

    I know we’re never going to see another James Hunt but when was the last time you heard an F1 driver say anything of any real consequence, ever? Everything is carefully thought over and streamlined into a soundbite that tells us absolutely nothing of any interest.

    Red Bull’s efforts over the last couple of years should be commended for freshening up the pit-lane a little and I’m hoping the newcomers, especially Virgin and the ever outlandish Richard Branson bring a bit of life to the dreariness but I expect anything particularly outlandish to be stamped out by Bernie and the Fun Police extremely quickly.

    I know it’s never going to change and the Paddock Club and gazillion helicopters are now an intrinsic part of the Formula 1 circus but why did they have to sanitize everything off the track? NASCAR has a race where the prize for winning is a grandfather clock that has been that way since the 1960’s because the organiser, quotes: wanted a ‘different’ type of trophy.

    When was the last time F1 did anything different?

    Crash also quotes Raikkonen saying: The WRC is more open than F1, it's more relaxed and there's a warmer feeling. The teams are friends together. In rallying, everything is completely different to Formula 1.

    Now I’m not saying Lotus should be offering Campos a spare gearbox or anything of that ilk but why does there seem to be zero interaction between the teams in F1? No banter, no friendliness, no love of the sport?

    I still love F1 as far as everything on the track goes; it’s still the ultimate form of motorsport, the fastest cars, the best drivers, the most expensive, the best technology and all of that. It’s just a shame they can’t team that with interesting personalities off the track.

    The next time I watch a full F1 press conference without falling asleep or listen to/read another piece of dull corporate McLaren speak without wanting to shove my head in a deep fat fryer I’ll eat a whole jar of peanut butter. I detest peanut butter.

    Until then wake me up when Michael calls Nico a Scheisskopf and Lewis lets the world know he thinks Fernando’s a complete cock.

    What do you think of corporate F1 and the purported lack of interesting things happening off the track currently? Is Jon completely off base on this or does he have a point? Discuss.

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  • Daz's avatar
    2:24am Sun, 21st February 2010

    I'm with Kimi. I'd also prefer to watch WRC over F1, because of the vibe, but it's just not spectator friendly.

  • Richard's avatar
    11:56am Mon, 22nd February 2010

    Whenever the stakes are high and the money is lots, the gags will be tight.

    Journalists try to trip up interviewees, and generally take comments out of context. The result is carefully scripted responses in order not to embarrass the boss-fellas, or sponsor types.

    It's crap.

    Thankfully - beware twitter evangelism coming up - teams (and some drivers) have started to embrace twitter - at last a direct link! With the teams having complete control over these messages we're beginning to see less corporative-ness-ness and more personality.

  • JawaJuice's avatar
    5:17pm Mon, 22nd February 2010

    I'm also with Kimi on this one. Everything just seems so cold, so clinical in Formula 1. The sport could really use some more outspoken personalities. I know there's a lot at stake, but it wouldn't hurt if we saw the teams laughing and having a good time hanging out off the track. The atmosphere is very stuffy, unlike in WRC. Pretty much everyone in there is friends with each other, people having a hoot whether they crash or not. That's how motorsport should be; rivals on track, friends off track. I dont' get that impression from F1.

  • Jon Bellwood's avatar
    Jon Bellwood
    11:12pm Mon, 22nd February 2010

    I think the boss fellas and sponsor types need to develop some sort of sense of fun, I'd have bought a Panasonic camera if someone had slammed a custard pie in Trulli's face last year!

    I know what you're saying though, but a wise man once said any publicity is good publicity, Ferrari's logos got plenty of air time when Kimi told them of his taking a #2.

    Twitter is good, I like twitter, people say stuff on twitter and facebook and noone can stop them, an american football player at University of Oregon just lost his scholarship in the States for saying something about how he wished he didnt know any white people or something like that.

    JawaJuice thats exactly what I mean, on the track and off the track should be different - can u imagine Alonso and Massa going for a San Miguel or a Caipirinha? I can't!

    I can imagine Petter Solberg and Kimi getting hammered on Finnish Vodka and running naked through the service park though and thats excellent banter!