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  • Renault "Bumble Bee" - more like "Fumble Bee"

    Sunday saw Renault launch their new championship challenger the R30 along with its radical new livery, nicknamed “The Bumble Bee”. Now I’m sure that a lot of people will disagree with me and say it looks great, but I feel I have to voice the view of the silent majority and say ‘your wrong”!

    The 2010 Renault R30. Copyright: Renault/LAT

    The "Bumble Bee".

    I get it that Renault didn’t set out to make it look like a bumble bee, it was more of a hark back to their classic colours of the 80’s, but they couldn’t of made a worse job of it. The livery looks horrific! I mean did the team even look at what their livery was like in the 80’s or did they just ask some old bloke with memory problems to describe it to them?

    In the 1980’s Renault’s livery was great, it was based on 3 colours – black, yellow and white. The colours were in a sequence that made the car look aggressive and fast in a positive way. Renault’s 2010 livery is just yellow, a few black lines and some left over red from last year, it looks like something out of a 4 year olds colouring book.

    Now not to sound too much like Laurence Llewylyn-Bowen here and get my cuffs in a twist, but a livery (in my mind at least) has to compliment the car’s design, it’s form and its structure. It has to flow with the car. Last years RB5 is a perfect example of this as the colours followed the lines of the cars aerodynamics and they complimented each other beautifully.

    The 2009 Red Bull RB5. Copyright: RedBull/Getty

    The beautiful RB5.

    But Renault’s livery this year does not do this, is just a mess. It’s on a car that looks about as interesting as stale bread and maybe that’s not helping it, but it just lacks a certain “Va Va Voom” to quote that Henry fella, a certain excitement, a certain style.

    I mean yes it defiantly eye catching, (you can hardly bloody miss it) but to me it’s just painful to look at. Take some of the more recent great liveries, such as McLaren’s West or Marlboro livery, the Rothmans livery of the Williams team, Jaguar’s beautiful green and white livery or even simply Ferrari’s iconic red livery. They all stand for something; they say something about the team, they all have a certain style, finesse and beauty about them. Renault’s livery has none of this.

    The 2004 McLaren MP4-19. Copyright: Jeff Wunrow

    The also beautiful MP4-19.

    So far in 2010 we’ve had 7 cars launched and predominantly their liveries have been good. Probably the pick for me is the new Sauber C29, with its chic grey and white livery. I thought ok it’s missing some sponsors and logos, but that it was a cracking livery; simple, yet effective and well styled to the car.

    The 2004 Jaguar R5. Copyright: Rick Dikeman

    The dashing Jaguar R5.

    Then Renault came along with this creation. Although I suppose the only 2 men who are safe from it ironically are the team’s drivers, for when they’re in the cockpit they won’t see what the car around them looks like.

    In the end Renault’s new livery is just a mistake; hopefully someone will send a memo to Eric Boullier and Bob Bell telling them to change it before the season starts. Otherwise I might have to alter the colour on my TV and watch the races in black and white. Renault if you’re reading this please do something about it.

    Photo credits: Renault/LAT, RedBull/Getty, Jeff Wunrow, Rick Dikeman.

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  • Dave's avatar
    3:45pm Tue, 2nd February 2010

    I agree, awful!

  • VicS's avatar
    3:50pm Tue, 2nd February 2010

    what about the John Player Lotus the Camel Williams! Even the Telefonica Mindardi was a monster......

  • Jon Bellwood's avatar
    Jon Bellwood
    9:52pm Tue, 2nd February 2010

    The West livery is categorically and absolutely yawn inducing, I can't recall a McLaren that has looked interesting since the red/white Marlboro ones!

    As for the new Renault I like it, okay the black looks like it was done by a four year old but its not another boring livery in boring colours for boring people! it reminds me of a Jordan and thats top!

    Renault if you're reading this then I hope you're also reading this comment, keep it the same and annoy Lloyd :P

    And last years Red Bull was awful too :P Great lines, crap use of too large logo!

    Methinks we don't see eye to eye on liveries!

  • lloyd Watts's avatar
    lloyd Watts
    11:07pm Tue, 2nd February 2010

    The Renaults livery isn't boring Jon its horrific. Boring would be a complement for it. The Jordan livery was fantastic and interesting, it had a dragon on the front - amazing! - everything the Renault is not.

    So yeh i guess were never quite gonna see eye-to-eye on this one lol ;)

    VicS, i couldn't agree with you more, those are all great car liveries, especially the Lotus. The black and gold was stunning!

  • Jon Bellwood's avatar
    Jon Bellwood
    1:08am Wed, 3rd February 2010

    I like it, but I'm a fan of bright colours, I miss Spyker and BAR's more crazy years! I hope one of the new teams goes colour crazy when we see their cars!

    I really can't believe u like the West McLaren! It's the livery equivalent of beige. Terrifyingly boring!

    Best liveries ever; JPS Lotus, Camel Lotus, Rothmans Williams, 85 Benetton (the one with the flags on) and the 91 Minardi is kinda ace too!