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  • Kimi Raikkonen: Ice-man or Ice-cream?

    Think about Kimi Raikkonen, what are the first words that come into your head? Dull? Unmotivated? Vodka? Ice-cream? Lackluster? Dare I say it, dreary? (source: twitter)

    But why don't things like World Champion, 18 times Grand Prix winner come to mind? This is the Jaime Alguersuari (age) of 2001 - except Kimi had less experience before coming into F1, and scored 9 points in his debut season.

    Unmotivated, huh? What about when he was involved in a first lap collision when racing at Monaco in his early career. He ended up on the wrong side of the safety fencing where he drove until he ran out of road, he then lifted his kart back on the track and continued racing - everyone thought he had retired. He soon caught the pack, and finished third!

    And there was the time that his steering wheel actually came off, again at Monaco, but he continued to race.

    Not heard about those before? Me neither.

    Why, why, why?

    Kimi doesn't give a hoot about the press, journalists, media, marketing, and the like - how many monotone interviews have we heard, and his famous vacant catchphrase "will try to do better next time".

    I think it's because Kimi treats the press with such contempt, journalists have created this persona of non-motivation, and the latest label they've attributed him with is money-grabbing.

    Just looking at Ferrari's fortunes this season. Why has the line been how bad Massa's replacements are, or how difficult the F60 is to drive? Why not Kimi's doing a darn good job?

    Even when pitted against Felipe Massa, whose regarded as rather good, it was Kimi that scored the first points of 2009, and the team's first podium (Monaco).

    Luca Badoer was never going to be a match for the 2007 World Champion, so comparisons are futile, but the Finn did chalk up a win and a third in the races when paired with the Italian - not bad by anyone's standards.

    Then Giancarlo Fisichella came to the Scuderia on the back of a scintillating performance for Force India in Belgium. There he took pole position, and 2nd in the race, being beaten by only Kimi and his KERS.

    Giancarlo was everything that Badoer wasn't, full of confidence and had lots of track-time. Despite this in 5 races he was unable to do any better than Badoer - a string of non-points-scoring positions and being consistently knocked out in qualifying one.

    In the same time Kimi scored 13 points, a podium, and comfortably out qualified Fisichella at every opportunity.

    I think it's an injustice that the story has been how disappointing Fisichella is, or how tricky the F60 is to drive, rather than praise for the only man (other than Alonso) to have beaten Michael Schumacher in the current F1 field.

    Oh, and it's completely insane that he hasn't get got a drive for 2010, credit crunch or not!

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  • Simon Worth's avatar
    Simon Worth
    1:26pm Tue, 10th November 2009

    Kimi equals legend ....... FACT

  • Andrea C.'s avatar
    Andrea C.
    1:27pm Tue, 10th November 2009

    Thanks for this article.

    I am so glad someone has been able to see that the media have been unfairly taking out their "anger" (because Kimi always stonewalls them) on him by abusing their power and writing all these nasty articles about him being unmotivated and money-hungry.

    I understand that it's part of the media's job to be assholes at times, but sometimes they really go across the line.

    I'm glad that you've also credited him for what he has achieved this year (and in his past years of racing), more so because of the shitbox that is the F60.

    I cannot believe that he may very well not have a drive for next year. Who knows what his plans are. I still can't get over how Ferrari f****d him over this year.

    Anyway, thanks again for this article, Richard! *thumbs up*

  • Shahzad's avatar
    6:49pm Tue, 10th November 2009

    well this says it all he's the ICEMAN after all.......& way better than Alonso who's replaced him at Ferrari..the main reason acc to me for that is his attitude...being way too chilled for an f1 driver......
    Lets just hope he goes to Mclaren somehow is is not treated as their No.2 driver in 2010

  • Rae's avatar
    11:07pm Tue, 10th November 2009

    The first word that springs to mind when someone mentions Kimi: INSANITY. The man is infinitely insane, but only in a good way. As you mentioned above, he'll carry on racing under any circumstance; he showed us earlier this year that he'll keep on going, even after being on fire. Insanity!

    Any team should be lucky to have him next year, and one can definitely understand his wanting to be only with a winning team - his final year at Ferarri definitely looked frustrating. The second half of the season following Massa's accident left it pretty much up to Raikkonen to try and hold their place in the championship. Fisi is far from a bad driver, and he could barely control the car at some points - something which only serves to show how much of a GOOD job Raikkonen was doing behind the wheel.

  • Suzette Botha's avatar
    Suzette Botha
    5:58am Wed, 11th November 2009

    Oh, I am so glad there are other thinking people in the world! This guy is the best! The media can't put a handle on him. He doesn't "play" for the cameras, he doesn't try to be nice so the media will like him. But I think it would be a mistake to think he doesn't care. I think he cares more than we will ever know. I totally adore him. F1 without Kimi will not be the same.

  • Jon Bellwood's avatar
    Jon Bellwood
    2:39pm Thu, 12th November 2009

    All I'm thinking is if he really is all about the money why is he threatening to go to rallying? I doubt the highest salary there gets above 4 or 5 million, nevermind into 8 figures. Its bull, the media is full of itself with regard to Kimi, he doesn't like the press, get over it, you're meant to be fair and impartial....

    Kimi wants a good seat or nothing at all and I can't blame him one bit!