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  • Conspiracising the conspiracy: Singapore 2008

    Remember the Singapore race last year? The first F1 night race, you know the one that Felipe Massa pulled away from the pits with his fuel hose still attached, the one that Alonso won. Well Alonso basically won because Nelson Piquet crashed his Renault just after the Spaniard had pitted - he was on an extremely short first stint - it was a free pit stop, that gave him the track position to win (having qualified a lowly 15th).

    If you add two and two together with a dash of conspiracy dust you'd usually get 23, however in this case it seems more like 4.2 - maybe just maybe not too far wide of the mark. Brazilian television station Globo claimed that the FIA had hired private investigators to examine Nelson Piquet's crash that weekend. An FIA spokesperson quickly confirmed that fact for Autosport, The FIA can confirm that an investigation is underway regarding alleged events at a previous world championship race..

    News today, courtousy of The Independant, is that there may be other events to be looked into, ...other issues above and beyond Singapore are also to be looked at.

    Where could this have all come from?

    There were conspiracies at the time, there always are, just look at this weekend in Spa for example. Only the FIA know who tipped them off in this case, but can it be wrong to assume that there must be some kind of evidence behind it for them go to the expense of hiring private investigators? Whether or not that evidence is any more than coincidental and enough to prove anything remains to be seen.

    Nelson Piquet Jnr.

    Many stories have looked towards Nelson himself, he was unceremoniously disposed of by the team only a few weeks ago. Not a happy man, he unleashed a scathing attack on his former boss Flavio Briatore. Also was it a coincidence that a Brazilian television station broke the story? If it was not Nelson himself, could it possibly have been from someone close to him, that he had confided in for instance?

    Fernando Alonso

    Does controvercy follow this fella around or something? He was at McLaren when the spy scandal hit, and his previous team was Renault, who were also implicated - however were subsiquently let off by the FIA. He was however one of the benefactors of the turn of events (he won), it would seem very unlikely that he would be whistleblower if he did indeed know anything about it?

    Max Mosley

    Could you count Max out? He has had very public confrontations with Flavio Briatore in the past, the loony incident being just one. Could it be that Max has had wind of something for some time and is choosing now to let it come out - just as he comes to the end of his term in office?

    Flavio Briatore

    What about Flav himself? Conspiracy about the conspiracy if you will, and of course there are easier ways of ending a drivers career without bringing down your company/team. But if the writing is already on the wall from Renault? Nelson had some pretty damning things to say about Briatore, and perhaps it was a slim chance of him getting another F1 drive, but with this hanging around - especially at this crucial time in the drivers market - him it's seriously unlikely any team will offer any seat to the Brazilian.

    Rogue Team-member

    Could it have been a rouge team member, if they'd heard - regardless of Renault staying in F1 or pulling out - that their job was on the line because of the FOTA/FIA enforced redundancies...?


    It's all rubbish, just a conspiracy, twaddle, false, mouth manure... you get the idea.

    Serious stuff

    My post here is firmly in jest - they usually are - in my mind it is just a conspiracy, interesting for those with interest in such things, nothing more. Above is just what has been mulling over in my mind in the last few days. Hopefully what can be taken from it is that no-one comes out of this the winner. Nelson, nao. Renault, non. Flavio, negazione. The FIA, nein. Formula One, nope.

    Over to you

    Do you believe there was something awry in Singapore last year? Sick of F1 scandals? Post your opinion, vent your rage, whatever you like in the comments below :)

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  • teamworkf1's avatar
    3:20am Thu, 3rd September 2009

    Well, really tired of all the "spy" circumstances around F1. I don't know what to say or think anymore, we are just shaking our heads. This doesn't have a happy ending. The teams shall have braking away from the maFIA. That was the best solution. Erase and start all over again. Period. On the other hand, don't mess up with the name "McLaren", sooner or later you will pay for it.

  • Scott Joslin's avatar
    Scott Joslin
    10:09am Thu, 3rd September 2009

    It is utter rubbish! Instigated by team Piquet to make Flavio's life hard after he gave Nelson Jr the boot. "It's tit for tat" I think it is a shameless act to drag F1 through the mud. If it TV Global can prove where their information came from then they should be hung out to dry if these rumours prove unfounded.

Nelson Piquet Jnr surrounded by engineers shortly before the Singapore GP 2008 - © RenaultF1/LAT

Nelson Piquet was surrounded by engineers shortly before the race © RenaultF1/LAT

Position Driver Team Time
1 F Alonso Renault 1:57:16.304
2 N Rosberg Williams +2.9 secs
3 L Hamilton McLaren +5.9 secs
4 T Glock Toyota +8.1 secs
5 S Vettel Toro Rosso +10.2 secs
6 N Heidfeld BMW Sauber +11.1 secs
7 D Coulthard Red Bull +16.3 secs
8 K Nakajima Williams +18.4 secs
9 J Button Honda +19.8 secs
10 H Kovalainen McLaren +26.9 secs
11 R Kubica BMW Sauber +27.9 secs
12 S Bourdais Toro Rosso +29.4 secs
13 F Massa Ferrari +35.1 secs
14 G Fisichella Force India +43.5 secs
DNF K Raikkonen Ferrari +4 Laps
DNF J Trulli Toyota +11 Laps
DNF A Sutil Force India +12 Laps
DNF M Webber Red Bull +32 Laps
DNF R Barrichello Honda +47 Laps
DNF N Piquet Jnr Renault +48 Laps