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  • Fisichella shows us that F1 is more competitive than ever

    Spa-Francorchamps is one of the classic tracks on the F1 calendar, it offers enormous excitement and surprise, along with raw pace, all of which we saw yesterday. However, while we had a great drives from Kimi Raikkonen, the real story has to be Giancarlo Fisichella and his team; Force India.

    Force India have for so long been relegated to the back of the grid, fighting over the last few places in order to keep the team ticking over. While this is of course a noble endeavour, it must be disheartening to see your drivers finish close to the back or sometimes not at all. Not today though. Fisichella drove a fantastic race, one which he will and should be immensely proud of.

    The veteran driver remained almost glued to the back of Kimi Raikkonen, matching his lap times tremendously well. Kimi held him just enough, with a solid race, characteristic of his smooth, cool driving style.

    However, what this shows us is a season like never before. We've seen Red Bull's, Brawns and now Force India on the podium, something which would seem ludicrous last year. Some could claim that Force India's second place was a result of luck, but when you look at Fisichella's performance as well as the sheer pace of the car, that seems an almost spiteful analysis. Fisichella gave the drive of his life and if not for Kimi's well timed use of the KERS button, he could have claimed the win.

    This may be one of the most exciting seasons in the last 10 years; firstly because a Force India came in second, but also the fact that it's the first time this season, we've seen a Ferrari finish first!

    Formula One is often accused of being an elitist sport, where only the teams with the most money can achieve. Not only does today's race disprove that, but so does the entire season, which has shown an unpredictability which we've hardly seen before. If this sport wants to remain fresh and exciting, it needs to continue this trend of small teams taking podiums.

    Spa-Francorchamps has shown that when it comes down to race day, the teams and drivers this year are closer than ever.

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  • cholle's avatar
    9:00pm Mon, 31st August 2009

    Great article! I agree 100% Loving this season more than ever. The mix-up of drivers we see on the podium, and the variable car performances we get at every track have all added spice to each race weekend. Even in Valencia, Force India have shown massive improvement. Looking forward to the next races: this is definitely a big boost to Force India, but it would be more impressive to see them continue their development. At the same time, I guess the other teams have been shaken up a bit with this result, and they will all now have to work harder to keep up with the competition.

Raikkonen, Fisichella and Vettel: BelgianGP podium - © Red Bull/Getty

Belgian GP podium © Red Bull/Getty

Position Driver Team Time
1 K Raikkonen Ferrari 1:23:50.99
2 G Fisichella Force India +0.9 secs
3 S Vettel Red Bull +3.8 secs
4 R Kubica BMW Sauber +9.9 secs
5 N Heidfeld BMW Sauber +11.2 secs
6 H Kovalainen McLaren +32.7 secs
7 R Barrichello Brawn +35.4 secs
8 N Rosberg Williams +36.2 secs
9 M Webber Red Bull +36.9 secs
10 T Glock Toyota +41.4 secs
11 A Sutil Force India +42.6 secs
12 S Buemi Toro Rosso +46.1 secs
13 K Nakajima Williams +54.2 secs
14 L Badoer Ferrari +102.1 secs
DNF F Alonso Renault +18 Laps
DNF J Trulli Toyota +23 Laps
DNF J Button Brawn +44 Laps
DNF R Grosjean Renault +44 Laps
DNF L Hamilton McLaren +44 Laps
DNF J Alguersuari Toro Rosso +44 Laps