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Pedro Lamy

Pedro Lamy
Portuguese flag
Helmet Design Lamy Copyright:
20 March 1972
(age 47)
Aldeia Galega, Portugal
Lotus, Minardi

Debut & Lotus (1993-1994)

Pedro got his F1 break at the ill-fortune of Alex Zinardi who had a huge crash in Belgium. He raced for the Lotus team for the final 4 rounds of the 1993 season, and the opening 4 of the 1994 season.

Whilst testing at Silverstone prior to the Spanish Grand Prix that year, Pedro had a huge crash, breaking both legs - needless to say he was out for the rest of the season.

Minardi (1995-1996)

In 1995 he signed for Minardi, replacing Pierluigi Martini for the second half of the season. In the final round in Adalaide he finished 6th, scoring his (and the teams') only point of the year.

He stayed at the Italian team in 1996, however in an uncompetitive car his best result was 9th at the San Marino Grand Prix.

Post F1

Since F1, he has competed in GT, Le Mans and DTM series.

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