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Nicolas Kiesa

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Danish flag
Helmet Design Kiesa Copyright:
3 March 1978
(age 41)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Minardi, Jordan

Debut & Minardi (2003)

Kiesa had a very brief run in formula 1 driving for the European Minardi team in 2003. He was brought in to replace the Jaguar bound Justin Wilson for the remaining 5 races of 2003.

Although he didn’t score any points, he did finish all of his races, his best result being 11th in the US GP.

Test Driver at Jordan (2005)

He would later return to F1 in 2005 as a test driver for Jordan, replacing Robert Doornbos.

Post F1

Outside F1 Kiesa won the 2003 Formula 3000 race at Monaco

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Kiesa's F1 Career Stats

(stats currently cover 2003-2010)