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Luca Badoer

Luca Badoer in the Ferrari F2008.
Italian flag
Helmet Design Badoer Copyright:
25 January 1971
(age 48)
Montebelluna, Italy
Lola, Minardi, Forti, Ferrari

Debut & Lola (1993)

Luca got his debut in Formula 1 with the Lola team in 1993, after he had won the F3000 championship in 1992. However an uncompetitive package saw him and the team struggle and neither scored any world championship points, despite this Badoer regularly beat his more experienced team mate Michele Alboreto.

Minardi (1994-1995)

In 1994 the Lola and Minardi teams merged and Alboreto was chosen for the race seat ahead of Luca. He spent the year as test driver for the new Minardi team.

In 1995 Alboreto retired and Badoer got the race seat where his best positions were two eighth places in Canada and Hungary.

Forti (1996)

For the 1996 season Luca switched to the Forti team, however the under funded team struggled and folded following the British Grand Prix, having only being able to qualify for 6 of the 10 races.

Ferrari Tester (1997-1998 & 2000-2009)

In 1997 he was the test driver for Ferrari, which continued until the end of 1998.

Return To Minardi (1999)

In 1999 Badoer rejoined his old team Minardi and partnered Marc Gene his best position being 8th in San Marino.

Despite competing in 48 Grand Prix's Badoer failed to score a world championship point, mostly - it has to be said - due to luck and driving uncompetitive cars. Luca returned to be Ferrari's test driver a position he had held back in 1997.

Ferrari - A Call of Duty (2009)

However in 2009 after a heavy injury sustained to Felipe Massa during that year's Hungarian GP, Ferrari announced that Luca would replace the injured Brazilian. His first race back in F1, 10 years after his last competitive race, was at the 2009 European Grand Prix in Valencia. He was announced after neck problems scuppered Michael Schumacher's comeback attempts.

Unfortunately his return to F1 did not go well, Luca was well of the pace and was unable to seriously challenge any of the other F1 drivers under race conditions. He only raced for Ferrari in 2 races of 2009 the European GP & the Belgium GP. Admittedly Luca did the best he could in very difficult situation, however Ferrari replaced Luca at the 2009 Italian GP with former Force India driver Giancarlo Fisichella. Luca returned to being Ferrari's Third/reserve driver for the rest of 2009.

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