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Christijan Albers

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Dutch flag
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16 April 1979
(age 40)
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Minardi, Midland F1, Spyker

He won the Dutch National Karting championship in 1997, Formula Ford 1800 champion in Belgium and Holland 1997. In 1999 he won the German Formula 3 series. In 2000 he raced in International Formula 3000 and partnered Mark Webber, but failed to score any points.

Christijan had 4 seasons in DTM quickly challenging multiple champion Bernd Schneider. In his final year in DTN he also tested for Minardi. He impressed by setting the fastest time at one of these sessions and resultantly got a break into F1.

Minardi (2005)

Christijan initially came into Formula One driving for Minardi in 2005. He finished 5th and scored 3 points for the team in the highly controversial United States GP, in which only the 6 cars using the Bridgestone tyre took part in.

Midland F1 / Spyker (2006-2007)

2006 saw Christijan stay with the team all be under new ownership and renamed to Midland F1 (MF1). The team later that season again changed ownership and became the Spyker.

2007 he drove again for Spyker, but he was released by the team after the British GP, sighting a lack of sponsorship money as the reason for his departure.

Post F1

After his spell in F1 Albers returned to DTM driving for the Audi team, he is also competing in the US Le Mans series, also for Audi.

He married Liselore in November 2006.

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