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Allan McNish

Allan McNish
British flag
Helmet Design McNish Copyright:
29 December 1969
(age 49)
Dumfries, Scotland
Toyota, Renault

Allan made a break in Formula One after many years of trying in 2001. Toyota that year, while entering the championship, never competed in a race. They used the year to collect data and develop their 2002 car.

Debut & Toyota (2002)

He made that debut in Australia 2002. A poor year for the well funded team saw McNish fail to score any points - although he came very close in Malaysia, however the team fumbled his pit stop which put him just behind Felipe Massa's Sauber. That 7th place proved to be his best result in F1, as the Toyota team decided to replace both drivers for 2003.

In practice for his final Grand Prix - Japan at Sazuka - Allan had a huge cr ash at 130R. He emerged alright, however he didn't compete in any further session that weekend.

Renault Test Driver (2003)

Left without a drive in 2003, McNish moved to Renault as the teams test driver. He also was involved in doing some Television segments for ITV's F1 coverage.

Post F1

Since F1 (well and before) Allan cemented his reputation as one of the best sportscar drivers. He has won Le Mans 24 hours twice, in 1998 for Porsche and 2007 for Audi.

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