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  • We've added results!

    Phew, what a few weeks the last few have been! We've been squirreling away on the site, and at last launched our results section.

    It's a little different to the norm, because we think a result is more than just a table of names and times. It's a race weekend, a weekend - or longer - of news, gossip, photos, and of course the race result. So we decided to bring all of the weekend's content to one convenient place, our race portal.

    We've also updated and created a number of new treats that integrate related information throughout the site. Say youre looking at a story about the qualification for the Brazilian Grand Prix; it'd probably be useful to see the qualification result? And even refresh yourself of previous year's winners? So that's what we did, just check the middle column where interesting related stuff will just show up! In fact we've put lots of these clever little boxes all over the site!

    Of course these little boxes can't show all the information that's included on a race result, so if you need to see; what grid position Lewis started in? Or why Webber retired on lap 23? Just click the race name, and you'll be taken to the full result.

    The full result shows nigh on everything about the race, check out who improved on their grid position the most is probably the niftiest feature though. And of course we do the same for qualifying!

    No in fact maybe I'm wrong, we do do things a little differently to a lot of sites for qualifying. We think; if a driver set a time that give him 7th position, but he got a penalty - for whatever reason - we think he still qualified in 7th. We then list their grid position relative to that - just the same as on the result where we compare grid position to finishing position.

    Without making this longer than long enough! If you hit the championship link whilst on a result page, you will get the championship as it stood on that date, which is nice.

    Last thing to mention is that we do everything I've mentioned above for each season too, and at the moment we've gone back as far as 2004.

    Well, well that's all for now, there's lots still to be done on F1-fans, and we're planning to continue pushing updates fairly frequently, next up we've got some great ideas on a drivers section, so until then...


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