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  • Website update: big sparkly photos

    SCOTLAND, 26th Feb (Teuters) - With just 16 days until the green light in Sakhir have updated the F1F-02 with the Bahrain spec diffuser (and a sparkly photo section). The team is hoping to get plenty of mileage on the new parts, but the freezing snowy weather in Scotland is hampering track time.

    Number 23 driver, Lloyd told TEUTERS, The car is looking good and the figures from the wind tunnel are definitely in the right direction. The weather has caused us problems, we'd have liked to have done more laps, but it's the same for everyone, he added When it's as icy as this its difficult to do any meaningful running I was spinning in the corners, straights, pit lane, everything.

    Technical chief, Richard reiterated that the team has its feet on the ground, and its sights firmly set on the moon,

    "Its a huge challenge but things are starting to come together. This time a little while ago we didn't have a team, a coffee machine, an engine, pens, anything, it's been a tremendous effort by the whole team to get where we are today. Last week we put the front wing on the car and immediately the grip was fantastic. Now we've fitter a diffuser [Ed: and a sparkly new photo section] I'm certain we'll be up there with the likes of McRarri and Redcedes. Easily."

    Having made it this far, the online based team aren't resting on their laurels as Development Jedi Jon explains, After simply tens of minutes of work, it's really nice to see the diffuser on the car [sic]. But we haven't stopped there, just last night I got my Crayolas out and started on a new concept - a back-of-the-car-upsidedown-wing-thingy - but I better not say any more.


    Ok the metaphor got slightly out of hand, but I enjoyed writing it :) The real story is that we've updated F1-Fans with a Photos Section. Enjoy :)

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  • Jon Bellwood's avatar
    Jon Bellwood
    6:37pm Fri, 26th February 2010

    And I coloured it in better than Renault did according to Lloyd! Crayola for the win!