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  • So glad to finally ditch the 'winter livery'...

    Notice anything different? Well I'm kinda hoping you do, because we've just launched the new site :)

    At last we've ditched the winter livery, made things work (they just really really didn't before), and finally tried the site in more than just Firefox! Most of the work is cosmetic, whereas before it was definitely a working progress, this is officially version 1.0.

    We've tested using Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 8. There are minimal differences if you use IE7, but we readily admit IE6 has a hissy fit. Only around 5% of visitors use IE6, and despite the urge to drop support we're working on a simplified style sheet to calm IE6's tantrum.

    The hardest part of building up the new site was knowing where to stop. We just kept on tweaking things, then getting a new idea, tweaking that, then tweaking some more... you get the idea. So now we're thrown this out into the wild, we will go back to tweaking, but promise to make some smaller (more frequent) updates in the coming months :)

    We'd love some feedback on the new look, please please send us some Twitter/Facebook love, or comment on this post (yes even comments *cough*should*cough* work now!).

    Lots of love


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  • What color is Ferrari?
  • saltire's avatar
    8:21pm Thu, 20th August 2009

    Haha I love the anti-spam question.. will it lock me out if I say a Ferrari is yellow? Seriously though, I'm really liking the new look, it's very professional. updated website screenshot - ©

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