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  • Website update: big sparkly photos

    SCOTLAND, 26th Feb (Teuters) - With just 16 days until the green light in Sakhir have updated the F1F-02 with the Bahrain spec diffuser (and a sparkly photo section). The team is hoping to get plenty of mileage on the new parts, but the freezing snowy weather in Scotland is hampering track time. Number 23 driver, Lloyd told TEUTERS, The car is looking good and the figures from the... read more

  • So glad to finally ditch the 'winter livery'...

    Notice anything different? Well I'm kinda hoping you do, because we've just launched the new site :) At last we've ditched the winter livery, made things work (they just really really didn't before), and finally tried the site in more than just Firefox! Most of the work is cosmetic, whereas before it was definitely a working progress, this is officially version 1.0. We've tested using Firefox,... read more

  • We've added results!

    Phew, what a few weeks the last few have been! We've been squirreling away on the site, and at last launched our results section. It's a little different to the norm, because we think a result is more than just a table of names and times. It's a race weekend, a weekend - or longer - of news, gossip, photos, and of course the race result. So we decided to bring all of the weekend's content to one... read more

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