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Back of the Grid Banter Wars

  • Hispania's Hopes reach a new High

    The last week or so have seen some really big steps forward for Camp… I mean Hispania Racing F1 Team! Lets just call it HRT for short and that’s not Hormone Replacement Therapy by the way! From the management buy out of the team and the appointment of German guru Colin Kolles as team principal, to the more recent signing of Karun Chandhok and the launch of the team's car. A lot has been happening.

    Now given all the negative crap that I’ve had to take from my two competitors (Richard & Jon), its nice to be able to through it straight back at them. There’s a lot to get excited about and a lot for those two nincompoops to be worried about.

    The Team

    Firstly I’m not sure what Adrian Campos was doing over the past few months to let things get as bad as they were – perhaps pretending he had a team whilst playing F1 2009 on the Wii. In any case he’s gone now after José Ramón Carabante (a wealthy Spanish businessman) bought a majority stake in the team and appointed Colin Kolles to sort the situation out.

    Kolles who has been described as having a “hard-headed” approach has previously worked with Jordan, Midland, Spyker and Force India. His experience has proven key and all I can say is what a gargantuan effort the guy has put in. He’s done exactly what he said he would do - sort out the mess and put the team back on track to be in Bahrain for the first race. Top job!

    Gascoyne take note… that’s how you do it you Muppet!

    The Drivers

    On the drivers side of thing we can finally boast a complete line up in the form of Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok. They’re young, talented, full of energy and hungry for success. Unlike the washed up, has-been drivers at Lotus and Virgin - Trulli, Kovalainen and to a lesser extent Glock have been in F1 now for a while and have achieved absolutely nothing. Furthermore if Di Grassi is anything like his predecessors from the Renault driver programme I’ve got nothing to worry about there.

    Senna and Chandhok have already worked together as teammates whilst competing in GP2, so they know how the other works and will be able to use their strengths to help develop the team. Also with Bruno bringing the ‘Senna’ name back to F1 and Karun being only the second ever Indian to compete in F1 they will be able to attract vital sponsorship to the team, which is great news.

    The Car 

    After months of Jon throwing barbs at me for not having a car, I finally get to say well here she is Jon…

    The car was unveiled on the 4th March in Murica, Spain after being designed by Dallara using the latest CFD equipment. Its got 4 wheels, a front wing (that’s better than Virgin’s), a rear wing, a cockpit and wing mirrors. What more could we need?  


    So like I said in my previous article, we are simply putting the building blocks into place – ok that may have taken longer than expected. But at the end of the day HRT has made more progress in the last week than Virgin and Lotus have made throughout the whole of winter testing.

    It’s an exciting time for the team, without any testing we will prove that HRT is better than both Virgin and Lotus. The team has done what USF1 have failed miserably in doing and got itself together in time for the start of the season. The march to victory and a new shirt for me is well and truly on!

    In jest,
    HRT Lloyd

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  • Richard's avatar
    10:03pm Fri, 5th March 2010

    Snatched from the jaws of defeat... fortunate... you wont be so lucky next weekend.

    Hehe, more progress than us, you live in a deluded world my friend. Dont count your chickens until you see the car moving under it's own steam :)