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Back of the Grid Banter Wars

  • Banter Wars; The Battle for the Blue Flag Cup - an introduction

    Over the next few weeks you will see a lot on the site concerning an epic and titanic fight coming into the 2010 season and that is the F1-Fans Back of the Grid Banter Wars or the FFBGBW if you’re into acronyms. Which I’m sure has you all giving it a few question marks and raised eyebrows so I’ll try to explain our concept to you now; sometime in December we (being myself, Richard and Lloyd) decided we would like to show our appreciate for the new teams stepping up to the F1 plate and have a season long feature dedicated to them and their trials and tribulations in their first season.

    We didn’t just want to do news and updates, the new teams have their own websites for that, so in light of the fact the new teams aren’t going to be likely to see many points this year even with ten points scorers we decided to give them their very own championship.

    The points system can be found on the rules and regulations page but the basic concept is this; the only participants for what we having lovingly named the “Blue Flag Cup” will be F1’s four brand new newcomers; Virgin, Campos, Lotus and USF1. (In all articles from here on out I will be calling Lotus Team AirAsia or a variant of that, until they come out in a Camel or John Player Special livery.)

    We are awarding points for qualifying, fastest lap and race wins and have already decided upon our teams; which we did when the only known signed driver was Bruno Senna so none of us can be called for glory supporting or anything of the like; none of us have a clue. Although now we have our teams we are all very convinced that we may as well be handed the trophy now.

    The breakdown is this, I have Virgin and can be found on twitter, Lloyd has Campos (twitter) and Richard has Lotus (twitter). You, lucky reader, have USF1 because you see there is actually a small prize riding on this.

    Between ourselves we have agreed that the two losers will between them buy the winner their team’s shirt, therefore I’m going to look cool announcing myself as a “Virgin” everywhere I go. Should some miracle occur however and USF1 win the Blue Flag Cup the three of us will club together and buy one lucky reader who has gotten involved with our inaugural championship the USF1 team shirt.

    So join us as I rip Richard’s Trulli Train and his Wounded-Wing-Flying-Finn; Lloyd makes references to Timo Glockenspiel and Lucas High-On-Di-Grassi and Richard comments on Bruno’s familial reasons for his seat among many other things. We’re going to have fun with this and we hope you will join in and make it an interactive experience.

    And USF1 suck, they are considering hiring a driver from Argentinean Tin-tops, did they miss out on Jason Plato or something?

    I look forward to the banter :)


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