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Back of the Grid Banter Wars

  • The Mighty Virgin - Operation WIN

    I hope Richard and Lloyd have started saving already, I’m looking forward to a swanky new Virgin Racing team shirt to make me look even less likely to go home with someone when I go out round town.

    Lets look at the facts; I have an experienced and talented driver who is not in line to get his bus pass (or Ferrari testing gig) in Timo Glock. I’ve got an up and coming rookie with excellent potential who has shown consistency and speed in GP2. My team has previously been successful in many other lower formulae and they ran di Grassi previously in the F3 Euroseries and won Macau with him so they know all about him.

    That Euroseries year he came third, interestingly, behind Lewis Hamilton and Adrian Sutil, two excellent F1 drivers, including a world champion and he was in a car that wasn’t as quick as the ASM’s in those drivers’ hands.

    I also have an excellent backer in Virgin Racing, a big name that hopefully won’t go running away at the first sign of trouble. I’ve also got Kappa providing my threads, my own shampoo (Clear), support from a bank (Lloyds) and Carbon Green keeping me environmentally sound.

    I’m also running Cosworth engines; if they are good enough for Frank Williams then they are more than good enough for me. I’ve also got two talented young up and comers in my reserve seats; Alvaro Parente and Luis Razia, both of which I’d take in a heartbeat over Fairuz Fauzy, whatever Mike Gascoyne is spouting about his Fernando-ness this week.

    I’m also not trying to pretend I’m an amazing team of the past (Lotus who shall now be referred to as Team AirAsia). Also Alex Yoong is not involved in my operation whatsoever, a large plus point I’m sure you’ll agree. I’m also not employing the Rottweiler Mike Gascoyne who is a certifiable loose cannon. None of my drivers made it to F1 based on their surname either, although its unconfirmed as to whether or not Timo is sponsored by an American handgun producer.

    I am concerned about the Trulli train and Richard stealthing a lot of points out of qualifying although that is negated by the fact Kovalainen, the wounded wing “Flying-Finn” is going to look even less impressive at the back of the grid.

    Campos are a wildcard and I’m waiting on their second driver announcement before deciding how dangerous they are to me. USF1 is going to be the next Pacific, I’m really not concerned about them at all. Any team considering Argentinean tin-top refugees can’t be serious, right?

    All in all everything has come together right for Manor, they have a solid basis from which to get everything rolling, quality drivers, good engines, good pedigree and they have Richard Branson who has been quoted as saying they can go “all the way”. I don’t doubt the man; he once had his own rather tasty brand of cola!

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