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    How long did it take Force India to score points in F1? Even though the powers that be have extended points down to 10th position we think it will be difficult to asses the relative performance of our 4 newcomers, so we've devised our own cunning points system.

    Our Cunning Points System

    • Race points: 25-20-15-10-7-5-3-1 (retirees get 0)
    • Qualifying points: 10-5-3-1
    • Fastest race lap: 5 points
    • Top 10 finish: 10 points
    • Podium finish: 20 points
    • Race win: 30... that'll never happen surely?!

    Oh and one last points modifier; double points for a team's home race. Say Glock (Virgin) qualifies best, and finishes 1st of our 8 drivers (out of the top 10), his total would be 35 points. If he does this at Silverstone he'll score 70 points. Genius huh!?

    We counting the following as home races;

    • Campos HRT - Spainish Grand Prix (Barcelona)
    • Lotus - Malaysian Grand Prix
    • USF1 - Canadian Grand Prix
    • Virgin - British Grand Prix

    Who's supporting Who?

    • Campos HRT - Lloyd - twittering @HRT_F1_lloyd
    • Lotus - Richard - twittering @lotus_richard
    • USF1 - you, if you'd like to guest post email us at info[AT]
    • Virgin - Jon - twittering @virgin_jon

    Competition-y thing

    We'll be scoring both teams and drivers and keeping tally, but for the competition we'll be using the teams' final order come the end of the season.

    The supporter placed first come the final whistle in Abu Dhabi wins a super-no-expense-spared prize. Well maybe not, but we're thinking an item of merchandise from that team. And if USF1 win, we'll be picking the winner from all of the people who visit and contribute a guest blog or comment on the BOTGBW series :) Happy days.

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