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Back of the Grid Banter Wars

What's all this then? - with four new teams joining F1 in 2010 we thought we'd give them a bit of support, and have a laugh in the process!

Lloyd, Jon and Richard have each picked a team to support through thick and thin - we're going to defend the indefensible, support the unsupportable, and love the unlovable. Lloyd has Campos HRT, Jon - Virgin and Richard Lotus.

Notice a flaw in the plan? Yep, there's three of us and four new teams. No problem Batman! We're throwing open the 4th seat on our grid to you! We'd love to see a few guest posts - even if you dont really support USF1, give us some stick! USF1 fell at the first hurdle.

We're going to do our own points system for the drivers and teams. The person supporting the winning team come the end of the season will win a prize - we'll pull a name out of a hat from the guest posters and commenters if USF1 top our points table.

Let the wars begin...

  • Lotus: more of that, and better, please

    It's frightening to think that over 20% of the season is complete already, and we're only 7 weeks in! The opening four rounds of 2010 have been the ultimate shakedown for our three new teams, and the start of the European season this weekend is the next milestone. The magnificent Lotus lead the way in our Blue Flag Championship, mainly thanks to the flying Finn Heikki. He has... read more

  • Banter Wars Malaysia: We have a fight

    The last time I wrote one of these updates my faith had been severely dented by the whole Virgin fuel tank issue a week later and I find myself celebrating Virgin's first race day triumph in the Banter Wars arena. Let's ignore the fact that Richard extended his lead in the standings; this was due in the most part to Malaysia being Lotus' home round and therefore a double... read more

  • Banter Wars Australia: big enough fuel tank brainwave

    This update is a little late to the party given that we are in the middle of the next weekend and is painful for me to type after Virgin's futility at the weekend but type it I must so here I go. Lotus cleaned up for the second weekend in a row and now sit on 83 points which let Richard extend his lead out to 63 points, over HRT who leapfrogged Virgin into second on the back... read more

  • Banter Wars Bahrain recap: damn those Hydraulics

    This Banter Wars update is a touch late but I'm hoping you will all taking moving to another continent as a good enough excuse for this not being a little earlier [Jon's moved out to Vietnam - Richard]. Enough of that claptrap though; lets get back to the subject at hand: Banter Wars. The first news of the weekend was the best from a Banter Wars perspective; Lloyd's Hispania... read more

  • Hispania's Hopes reach a new High

    The last week or so have seen some really big steps forward for Camp… I mean Hispania Racing F1 Team! Lets just call it HRT for short and that’s not Hormone Replacement Therapy by the way! From the management buy out of the team and the appointment of German guru Colin Kolles as team principal, to the more recent signing of Karun Chandhok and the launch of the... read more

  • Lotus-ing the way to Banter Wars victory

    Two and a half weeks ago the Banter Wars winning car was unveiled, and what a machine! The Lotus T127 clearly stunned the F1 World because Force India and Red Bull - who both launched their motors the following week - scrapped their 2010 designs and unveiled photocopies of their 2009 cars. The distinctive green and yellow livery hankers back to the Loti of decades past, rival... read more

  • Campos Meta's Savoir-faire

    After my two dear colleagues here at F1-fans have both come out with what can only be described as the ramblings and wild aspirations of two deluded minds. I felt it only fair to point out too them just why their teams are going to fail miserably this season and why Campos will emerge as the best new team in F1. You see what Campos are doing is using their brains and a little... read more

  • Lotus will leave 'em for dead

    What planet is he on? That Virgin Jon with his operation win fairy tale. Poppycock. There's only one team that's going to cause any upsets this year, and that's the mighty Lotus. Steeped in history, awash with experience and up to our necks in Mike - the rottweiler - Gascoyne's wrath, we are the only 'new' team that has what it takes. Simple. Let there be facts. The... read more

  • The Mighty Virgin - Operation WIN

    I hope Richard and Lloyd have started saving already, I’m looking forward to a swanky new Virgin Racing team shirt to make me look even less likely to go home with someone when I go out round town. Lets look at the facts; I have an experienced and talented driver who is not in line to get his bus pass (or Ferrari testing gig) in Timo Glock. I’ve got an up and... read more

  • Banter Wars; The Battle for the Blue Flag Cup - an introduction

    Over the next few weeks you will see a lot on the site concerning an epic and titanic fight coming into the 2010 season and that is the F1-Fans Back of the Grid Banter Wars or the FFBGBW if you’re into acronyms. Which I’m sure has you all giving it a few question marks and raised eyebrows so I’ll try to explain our concept to you now; sometime in... read more

  • Banter Wars Scoring

    How long did it take Force India to score points in F1? Even though the powers that be have extended points down to 10th position we think it will be difficult to asses the relative performance of our 4 newcomers, so we've devised our own cunning points system. Our Cunning Points System Race points: 25-20-15-10-7-5-3-1 (retirees get 0) Qualifying points: 10-5-3-1 Fastest... read more

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