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    This is the boring stuff; essentially don't steal our stuff, we wont steal yours, and we wont use any information we collect about you in nasty or evil ways :)


    All of the textual material available on this is used with permission and copyright remains will the author.

    Photographs are marked with their copyright holders details, we use them with permission, full copyright remains with the photographer.

    The background image used in our masthead is by the super tallented Luke Pollard of Motorsport in Print.

    Any code or script used on the website is copyright, unless specified otherwise.

    If you have any questions, or think we have made a mistake in attributing copyright in any case, please email us at info [ at ] f1-fans [ dot ] co [ dot ] uk.


    We will not pass on any information we collect about you (comments, ratings, etc) to anyone else. Obviously anything you post publically on the website is available to anyone who visits, and we hold no responsibility for the information you choose to post.

    The comments system asks for an email address in order to identify an avatar for you at, and to identify comments from the same author. We will never pass on your email address to any third party, neither will we spam you (we don't like spam either!).


    Cookies are small text files that are stored by your web browser on your computer (more details). We use cookies on to enrich the user experience and track some basic usage statistics on the website.

    Further Information

    For any clarification or further information please email us at info [ at ] f1-fans [ dot ] co [ dot ] uk.

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