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    Thanks for visiting

    Our first footnote head note should be that the website is still a working progress, we've lots of ideas and seem to build only some of an idea before starting on the next one! We're somewhat like a dog on a beach like that,  ooo.. pebble, ooo.. seaweed, ooo.. old boot :) We do promise to keep at it and have everything finished sometime before the next millennia :)

    A little about why we started this

    In a nutshell, I (Richard) build websites, and one day watching a lack luster grand prix with Lloyd he showed me some stats he'd compiled on the season, and specifically about McLaren and his driver DC. After some discussion we decided to pool what we enjoy and make something like his records/stats online.

    At the same time we'd both been getting pretty fed up with the state of the F1 websites we were visiting, we didn’t (and still don’t) like domineering adverts, content that disappears within a couple of days of it being published, and half-baked attempts at stats and team/driver information. Admittedly since then we've found some quite cool F1 sites, but the offenders’ on-the-whole still offend.

    Our take on F1

    As noted before, Lloyd supports David Coulthard, hence McLaren, and later Red Bull. Since the beginning I've supported Stewart, and stuck with the team through the Jaguar days and now to Red Bull. Other than one or two real dislikes (Lloyd really dislikes Ferrari, and I really dislike Hamilton and McLaren) we both enjoy and follow more than just Red Bull, in fact, as I'd reckon an awful lot of fans are the same, we are fans of Formula One as a whole.

    In the early days of the site I'm sure we're going to be pretty Red Bull focused, but as time goes on (and we get more time to write content rather than implement the site) its definitely our ambition to cover equally the rest of the drivers and teams.

    We'd actually love the site to become more a reflection of the fans, rather than ourselves and our opinions. So if you've somewhat the same opinions as us leave a comment or get in touch, in time we'd love to have a number of guest posters covering every (interesting!) angle of F1.

    That's us.

    We love F1 :)

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  • teamworkf1's avatar
    3:14am Fri, 21st August 2009

    lol, for someone who dislike McLaren, this website reflect very much McLaren "class"!! It's clean, neat, informative, organized, very much . . . could i say . . . Ron Dennis style!! lol Congrats!! . . very well done job! From a truly McLaren fan! . . ;-) p.s. i really don't like the question about "prevent Spam"!! grgrgrgrgrgr

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